7 Healthcare Video Marketing Tips to Engage Your Audience


Videos offer creative freedom to the healthcare industry that other content formats do not. Healthcare brands can connect with their audience more deeply and emotionally by leveraging videos. Because of this, more and more healthcare brands are investing more time and resources in explainer videos, as the health field is big and that’s why many people is interested in getting into this field, if you’re interested as well you can learn the steps to become a surgical tech right here.

If you, too, are planning to engage your audience using video, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this blog post, we’ll share seven video marketing tips that will help you connect with your audience. So, whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to take your video marketing efforts to the next level, read on for some great tips!

7 Tips to Engage your audience effectively with healthcare videos

  1. Focus on the emotional value of your video

It’s crucial to demonstrate the human side of the healthcare sector to engage with your patients. By utilizing the power of an empathetic narrative, you can create a memorable piece that fosters a stronger connection with your target audience.

Potential patients are more likely to connect with healthcare explainer videos when you make an emotional and authentic appeal. Empathy in your healthcare videos can also help you build trust with the audience.

The best way to elicit specific emotions in your viewers is —patients sharing their experiences with your brand or doctors explaining a procedure or therapy.

  1. Use animations to liven up your video

The audience of healthcare explainer videos is always diverse. It can be other healthcare professionals, patients, medical students, or business partners. Engaging such diverse customer segments with a single video is often challenging. 

So how can you effectively engage each of these segments? The answer is animated explainer videos.

Animations can simplify all the complexities of a medical topic. Because animation allows you to create anything, you can use exciting graphics to create intricate body parts, bones, and cells. This will thoroughly explain your information in a detailed yet straightforward manner.

Furthermore, beautiful graphic design, illustrations, and graphs can captivate your audience and help them remember 15% more information than a live-action video. Animation also adds a more creative approach to your video, making it more compelling.

  1. Keep it simple

Medical terminology is difficult to understand for most people. Due to this, explainaing medical concepts becomes challenging. Healthcare explainer videos can come to the rescue in this situation. 

Explainer videos allow you to complex subjects into authoritative, clear, and understandable information that is simpler to process and analyze. However, when you try to convey too much information in too little time, your audience will lose focus, and none of your messages will be received.

To avoid this, you need to simplify as much complicated medical jargon as possible. While it’s inevitable that some essential technical phrases, such as the name of a disease, cannot (and should not be excluded), strive to utilize as much everyday language as possible in your explainer videos.

  1. Be careful of the length

People’s attention spans have shrunk alarmingly over time. The current average attention span is only 8 seconds. So, producing short-form videos has become the norm. 

But, with a significant part of your target audience being busy healthcare professionals, you have even less time to make an impact. Therefore, your explainer video should be brief and immediately catch the audience’s attention. 

Research has shown that most healthcare explainer videos are 90 seconds long. This length is enough to deliver the message and engage the audience efficiently. 

  1. Educate the audience

Humans are curious by nature. They strive to learn and educate themselves about new things. So, how can they stay ignorant when it comes to their health?

Since the pandemic, people have started educating themselves about the various diseases that could affect them. You can leverage this trend to engage your audience using educational explainer videos. 

You can educate the audience through explainer videos, from informing patients about diseases, treatments, and medications to helping them lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Furthermore, you can also produce animated explainer videos to demonstrate how surgical procedures work. 

  1. Share videos on social media 

Online content has become much more shareable since the rise of social media. According to statistics, social media posts that include a video receive 1200% more shares than plain text or image posts. 

That is why you cannot overlook the benefit of distributing healthcare videos on social media platforms. By sharing explainer videos on social media, you can reach a larger customer base more easily and quickly. 

But, since social media platforms are full of videos, your healthcare video must be informative and appealing. In addition, making the narrative understandable from a non-science perspective will increase relatability and encourage viewers to share it on their platforms.

  1. Hire a professional video company

No matter how good your video production strategy is, all fail if the video cannot deliver its message accurately. Low-quality videos often cannot reach the audience at the right time. And when they do, they only end up damaging your brand image.  

Therefore, it is crucial to produce explainer videos with high-quality visuals, smooth transitions, synchronized voiceover, and a captivating script to engage your audience. 

However, many skilled healthcare brands lack the necessary know-how of video marketing. Hiring an experienced healthcare video production company can help you produce a fantastic video that captivates the audience. 

Furthermore, many healthcare video production companies can help you plan your script and distribution strategy to reach the target audience at the right time.


Healthcare brands are often disconnected from customers. Healthcare videos help bridge the gap between you and your customers. By producing a visually appealing and informative video, you can engage more deeply with your audience and build trust.

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