5 Ways to Deliver Holiday Cheer to Remote Teams


The holidays are a fantastic time to spread morale through the office, with people throwing Christmas parties and secret Santa making appearances. However, for those of us with remote teams, it can be difficult to achieve a sense of togetherness. Fortunately, thanks to intuitive technology and businesses going above and beyond to provide remote services to promote togetherness, everyone can get in on the festive cheer; we tell you how below. 

Team-Building Day

Get your office away from their work and host a team-building day. Just because you can’t get together physically, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the action. Arranging a holiday virtual escape room is a great way to get your team to communicate with each other in a fun way and you can even get play areas from a soft play company if they want to have their children come along. Alternatively, you could all meet up personally and take on the challenge of an actual escape room. When you’re done, you can create a hangout for people who want to wind down with a festive drink alongside their colleagues. 

Speed Karaoke Night

Karaoke has been a fun activity for the holidays for as long as we can remember and being in a remote team doesn’t have to change that. You may want to avoid singing full songs because waiting in a room on your own is tedious, and people will start to leave the party. Instead, keep it snappy and limit everyone to around 30 seconds. Alternatively, you can tackle full songs together using software to randomly choose who takes on the next bars. Arrange your next karaoke night with 강남셔츠룸.

Host Annual Awards Night

If you’re not already hosting an award ceremony, get ready to inject your team with cheer by arranging the first in company history. There are plenty of categories you can split awards into, and the key is to make sure everyone feels involved. If you need to make up a spoof award like “Best Zoom background,” then so be it.  

Remote Secret Santa

Secret Santa can still make an appearance in your remote team, thanks to the wonders of online delivery. Split up your office team into pairs, set a spending limit, and let your team search the internet for that perfect gift; most stores offer gift-wrapping services near the holidays. Once everyone has received their gifts, arrange a remote evening and everyone can unwrap their presents. 

Send Simple Gifts

We don’t need to live in the same state or country to send a gift. Put together a goodie bag for your remote team and have them sent from the company. Your team will feel valued, and they’re likely to work hard in the run-up to Christmas. You don’t need to go over the top here, you can simply throw in some novelty socks and a warming hot chocolate set. 

Working in a remote team can feel isolating, even with all of the video conferencing tools. When you’re putting together your company’s holiday schedule, make sure you plan for spreading a healthy dose of cheer. You don’t need to go overboard, you just need to take little steps to boost team morale, and you will notice the difference in productivity levels.

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