Say Yes to Neem for a Spotless Ski


Neem is a common and popular plant with versatile medicinal properties. The scientific name of this tree is Azadirachta indica. Ayurveda often describes neem as ‘ Wonder Leaf’. Neem leaves, flowers, fruits, and barks have medicinal properties. Neem is often used for treating scars and infections in Indian household. Neem has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory p[roperties. It is also good for destroying fungus and bacteria. Neem also has mild analgesic properties. Regular use of Neem can give you spotless and glowing skin. In this article, you will know about the benefits of using neem and its extracts on your skin.

Neem is used in many forms- neem water, neem extract, neem powder, neem paste, etc. You can make these by yourself you can also buy readymade products from the market.  

Different brands manufacture No scars facewash with neem extract. These products are affordable and easily available. If you want you can prepare neem water or paste or powder at home. 

Preparing Neem paste

This process is easy. You need to gather neem leaves and make a puree of those leaves in a mixer or by hand. The biggest advantage of this process is that you do not need exact measurements for it. 

Preparing Neem Water

Take one liter of water and bring it to boil. Add fresh Neem leaves (6-15, as per your choice) into it. Wait till the water becomes greenish. Drain the water and store in the freezer. You can apply this water to your skin daily. If you can’t prepare it you may also buy no scars neem extract facewash online.

Preparing Neem powder

 There are two methods. In the first method, you need to dry the neem leaves in sunlight and then grind the dried leaves. This process can be time-consuming. If you have a microwave then roast the leaves on high flame for 60 or 120 seconds(according to the power of your microwave oven). Then you can grind the roasted and dried leaves to make neem powder.

 Benefits of Using Neem for scars

  •  Neem leaves are very good for skin infections. Since, Neem leaves have antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, these leaves can be used to treat the infection. Neem paste can be applied to the injured area to prevent infection. Neem is also great for treating Eczema and psoriasis.
  • Neem is very much beneficial if you want to heal your scars. Neem effectively reduces the scars of acne, pimples, mild burns, pox, wounds. Neem makes the scars less visible and smaller in size. You can apply neem paste with turmeric or honey on your scars daily for better results.
  • Neem is also great at fighting hyperpigmentation and depigmentation and scars related to pigmentation. You can apply meem powder or neem paste mixed with gram flour on the affected area. Then you have to wash it after 15 minutes.  

Therefore, if you want to reduce your scars naturally, use neem. Neem has many medicinal qualities. You can make paste or powder or water of neem at your home or you can also buy herbal products made with neem extracts from the market. Regular use of neem makes your scars less visible.

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