Does A Smartphone Purchase Have To Drain Your Wallet?


Let us start with me asking you a question. What do you think is the essential gadget for you? A gadget that you cannot pass a day without using. It has become almost as important as our limbs. You could lose an arm or a leg, but losing it would be a crime and a sin.

Any guesses? Could it be a car? Can we not survive without it? In the London traffic, it is preferable to walk or take the tube. So that is not it. 

Then a computer maybe? Have there been days when you have not used it? At our offices, the use of a computer is mandatory, but on the weekends, do you use it? I’m sure not.

What could it be then? A Smartphone? Yes, definitely. Try to remember the last time, and you went through your entire day without using your phone once. 

The use begins even before we open our eyes. The alarms on our phones wake us up and we sleep while scrolling through our instagram or texting on whatsapp. That is our reality. A gadget that is the size of our hand has us wrapped around it like leeches on fresh blood. A slightly disgusting comparison, but true all the same.

A smartphone has become so important for us that we have to have it. This gadget is so delicate that it cannot survive for more than a few years. The technology and the body become redundant. So even if you do not have a job, you will still take loans for unemployed with bad credit no guarantor to buy it. Kind of stupid, isn’t it?


Almost all smartphones have the same features. It is just the quality of these features that may vary along with an attached brand name that can make a phone high-end or low-end. The former’s price may only give a shock to your wallet and your heart, but its working would be almost similar to a phone that you can easily afford. If you’re buying a used phone, then you might also need to look for an iCloud Unlock Service.

Apart from the essential function of calling and texting, a phone needs to have four specific characteristics that will allure the buyer towards them.


It may seem a little offensive, but we always judge a book by its cover. We may talk about valuing inner beauty, but we do focus on the exterior a tad bit more. If something appeals to us, then only we will invest our time, effort and money in it.

The same is true for a smartphone. Its design has to be stunning. I mean, look at the latest Moto Razr, it folds. The satisfaction you get when closing the flap of a flip phone is not found in the giant touch screen phones today. 

Creating a design and look that is unique yet sleek, that has a big screen and a slender body is what will make a phone become a best seller.


Today, most people not only focus on making memories but also capturing them. After all, you have to keep on posting pictures of the said moments on your instagram and Facebook.

You are bound to get a high number of views and likes if your picture is clear and has a DSLR like quality, found in the famous portrait mode.

A phone with a camera that can click high-definition photographs is going to have an advantage over all others. Phones like the iPhone, Samsung Note and Google Pixel are the pioneers in the camera quality.


The playstore is filled with applications that cannot even be counted. To use all of them, a user needs storage.

From the basic calculator to social networking apps like Snapchat and Tinder; 

From a 50MB game of snooker to PUBG that occupies 1.2GB space;

From a 4MB photograph to a 900 MB episode of Game of Thrones;

Everything that you store in your phone is dependent on how much space it has. A phone with only 16GB is not going to be a crowd-pleaser. With these resources, players can purchase upgrades and power-ups to help them progress through the game faster. In addition, the webmosbistar subway surfers mod also provides access to exclusive features.

Today, a phone needs to have at least 128GB of space with a minimum of 4GB RAM to be considered buyable. In some phones, there is the option of expanding the memory with a micro SD card as a bonus.


When you are going to use your phone continuously, its battery is going to drain. The faster it consumes, the lesser is the phone’s appeal. The phone will not even be considered for purchase if its battery won’t last for a minimum of 5 hours with continual web usage.

A phone’s battery life is dependent on its battery size. So, before purchasing, make sure you check the number. A 3000 mAh battery is considered acceptable. Anything below it would keep you busy in finding the charging point.


If a phone has all of these features, you should buy it. However, just these cannot be the sole proponent of your buying decision. The price tag that comes along a phone can make you deviate from your choice.

A high-end phone can cost you about 800 to 1100 pounds, while a lesser version may just be bought for 200 to 400 pounds.

It is up to you to decide. If you are hell-bent on buying the Google Pixel 4xl, then don’t worry, you can buy it. Guaranteed Loans for the unemployed can make the phone dream a reality for even the college student who is just working part-time on weekends.

However, I believe that if a phone from Huawei can give you all the features of an expensive phone, then you need not drain your savings for a device that will become redundant in just a year.

Be wise when deciding on buying a phone. I am sure every one of us wants a phone that will elevate their status among their friends and colleagues. But the question is, will it be worth it?

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