Coronavirus Crisis is a Game Changer for Microsoft’s Cloud Business


A cloud is a virtual repository of the data, including documents, files, applications and a lot of other things. The accumulation of all these things could be accessed remotely with the help of the network connection. The clouds do not really need any extra installation or plugins. They do not even need any special infrastructure. Therefore, they are preferred by companies. As the businesses don’t really have to invest a lot in the infrastructure, they won’t spend a lot of money on it. At the same time, businesses won’t even have to spend a lot of time training the employees to use the cloud, as clouds are quite easy to use. 

The emergence and popularity of cloud 

Companies across the world are continuously integrating cloud in their day-to-day lives. The adoption of cloud computing has simplified the way companies are able to function. When it comes to cloud-based solutions, a few of the most popular ones that come to our mind would be Facebook, Google Drive, Instagram, Gmail and a lot more. Starting from the inception, till date, cloud computing has turned out to be a total game changer for the people.

But, what is cloud computing exactly? According to Blacklight Software, it refers to internet servers located in global data centres acting as one huge hard drive for all your files, software and applications. By connecting to the cloud via the internet, we can access our uploaded data in a quick and easy way without having to manually back up our information and physically maintain our own hardware.

Although, there are a large number of cloud computing companies and service providers in the world, one of the strongest players in the market is Microsoft. And, especially, during this pandemic situation, the company has proven its worth totally! Microsoft’s cloud business is experiencing an all-time high. 

Virtual connect is on a rise

As per some of the reports, it is believed because of the lockdown Italy, we saw a 775% jump in the Teams’ calling and meeting users, and that too only in a month! Also, the number of people using the virtual sets ups increased massively. This includes users who have adopted their cloud platforms. The profit margins of Microsoft’s cloud rose massively, as a lot of people adopted it. In fact, you won’t believe that only in the end of February, the brand generated 36% of its revenue, it also saw massive growth in terms of adoption. 

Microsoft’s Cloud Computing umbrella contains Microsoft Dynamics 365 services & implementation, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Azure. They are the main components. And, we will talk about the increased use and popularity of these in this article. 

Numerous business benefits of Microsoft’s cloud computing 

Business Continuity: Need of the Hour 

Cloud computing has turned out to be a savior for the people during the time of crisis. Especially, during the pandemic situation, the only thing that has ensured business continuity is cloud computing. By investing in the clouds, the businesses have been able to reliably carry on their functions. Cloud have ensured disaster recovery. Also, they have turned out to be a fantastic backup solution. Therefore, the employees, without any need for proper infrastructure or set, are still able to work hassle-free. Cloud diminishes the need for a physical device as well. Though planning for an intricate and detailed disaster recovery strategy could be difficult, but with the emergence of clouds, the task has become the utmost easy and convenient for the businesses. The best part about clouds is that they record the data, therefore, the data could be accessed from anywhere. This quick access to the data diminishes the possibility of any slowdown. Also, the clouds have played a major role in boosting the productivity of the employees. 

Microsoft will keep evolving its cloud offerings 

As, Microsoft’s cloud offerings have turned out to be quite magical for the businesses, therefore, the brand is trying to enrich the quality of its cloud offerings. Microsoft has already done a lot in the cloud computing wing, although, with this huge surge of demand, the evolution seems to be more. As, the adoption rate will only grow and grow. The company has been releasing a wide range of new updates for cloud solutions, like Skype, Azure, Office 365, Power BI etc. All these solutions are helping businesses to boost their efficiency and productivity during this tough phase. Therefore, why won’t companies like to adopt Microsoft’s offerings! 

Also, the cloud computing services do not require a lot of interference of the IT staff. Therefore, the companies have to hardly invest on the IT. They only have to maintain the cloud and that’s pretty much it! 

Microsoft has been one of those brand names which have transformed the way the world works. And, with its superb cloud offerings, it has once again shown the world its caliber. Therefore, it is one of the top choices of most of the businesses, irrespective of their size and function. That’s not it, even during this massive crisis phase, Microsoft has stood pretty strong with the businesses and it has empowered them! Thus, the future of Microsoft’s cloud seems to be only brighter and brighter.

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