Why Images are so Important To Social Media


A strategic approach to Social Media using images serves as a key element for success. Related and relevant images are powerful enough to grab the attention of the users and help them to understand the message quickly and clearly. Animated images are also important and we can include them in GIF format. However, to convert those into static images an online GIF to JPG converter can be used as GIF format only supports the animated photographs. 

Importance of images

Images can be defined as a virtual bookend to the message you want to share. Some points to highlight the importance of images are: 

  • By adding images to your Social Media Marketing you will be able to increase the engagement and share ability of your posts.
  • All those blog posts and Social Media posts that have relevant and captivating images always get a greater number of views, engagement, and shares.
  • A very well-known Social Media Strategist reports that all those Facebook posts which have relevant images tend to receive an average 37% increase in engagement. Articles with images receive 2.3 times more engagement than those which do not have images. 
  • The human brain can interpret images more quickly than text, which is why images can appropriately communicate any product, service as well as brand instantly. They provide depth and context to the explanation or story.
  • It is possible to convey so much more information as compared to the words. Indeed, it can take a thousand words to explain what is in one picture. Images engage and build an audience by keeping the interest of followers. 

However, many content creators are struggling with optimizing their social content and picking the right kinds of images. Sometimes image formats can also be an issue that stops content creators from adding them to their content. To resolve this problem there are several online GIF to jpg converters to transform images into a suitable format. Some of them are:

Ezgif gif-to-jpg

This GIF to JPG converter is the most suitable option for converting animated GIF to jpg format to get static images. Just by uploading a GIF, this tool will output JPG images within no time. After it convert gif to jpg it allows you to set background color for transparent GIFs. This step helps you to avoid black background issues that you might face when you change GIF to JPG.

Cloud convert gif-to-jpg

This GIF to JPG converter can adapt 256 colors. It uses a lossless compression technique to turn gif to jpg. This online tool is the best option for web publishing as it is capable of containing texts and low-sized image animation. Its LZW compression algorithm can easily compress low-colored images to provide good quality results. 

JPG Converter

JPG is the format which is also known as JPEG. It comprises photographs with 10:1 to 20:1 compression technique. With the help of its compression technique, it is capable of reducing the image size without disturbing the quality of the images. It also serves as GIF to JPG converter and is very famous among content creators for web publishing to shrink the size of images while maintaining good quality.

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