5 Report Maker Software for Making Engaging Small Business Reports


Preparing reports in the real world is a big hassle. Measuring several parameters, deducing results, and presenting them with accurate facts and figures can make anyone go crazy. 

Here enters the report maker software. These are specially designed online tools for making reports with in-depth accuracy and unmatched visual appeal to communicate your message clearly to the audiences. If you haven’t used it until now, pick one from the list we have prepared.


Prepare a captivating report with Venngage, a report that the audiences would love to read. Unlike manual reports that appear dull, uninteresting, and staid, the results with this are engaging. Begin with a stunning report template that you think will help the audience understand the information quickly. Whatever you plan to make sales report, annual report, whitepaper or survey results report, Venngage with its premium features will help design a quality report. And all this will be available at a nominal price much lesser than charged by a designer. 

Making your report is easy irrespective of your report making skills with Venngage report maker. Just scroll through the 500 templates and personalize the reports with free form canvas. The engaging report is ready in no time. 


Presenting a business report that looks anew requires a bit of creativity. Use Focusky. It supports presentation and animation and is an ideal alternative to PowerPoint. It is free software with a non-linear presentation style to woo the audience. You can use Google local Business Cards to collect information for the report.

Focusky helps in designing a clear, logical, and understandable report with its videos, time, formulas, and charts to make a clear report. The simple interface adds to the modern effect you need to keep your audience glued. Focusky, just like the assistance of a freelance presentation designer, can help in making a presentation on both Mac and Windows.


If you are looking for a tool that helps you design compelling visuals, then Prezi is the one for you. It will assist you in preparing a report with a conversational flow to allow you to interact with your audience. The report maker tool helps you present your results with a new perspective. You can include spatial dimension and motion into the report presentation content to keep the audience hooked. Besides, you can also create logical looking slides which can be easily understood by the viewers. 

Multimedia Browser

Multimedia Browser is your report maker software for stunning reports. Easy to handle, faster editing and flawless publishing helps people who do not have much knowledge on making reports. They can use it at the workplace easily. You can also incorporate PPT files, PDF, videos, and animations for creating an interactive presentation for small businesses. Moreover, there is a multi-touch effect and 3D sceneries to design the reports. 


For an industry that demands instant results, ClearSlide is an impressive report maker. With it, you can prepare a business report that will make all efforts, time, and money worth. With an intuitive sales engagement platform like ClearSlide, the audience can absorb the information provided easily. The software with engagement analytics to improve the results has all the makings of an ideal report maker. 


If you don’t have a design degree, don’t worry about one. SlideMagic will take care of it. This software will provide you with an amazing method to communicate your report results. With it, you can add font sizes, colors, layouts, and proportions. The data will look crisp and clear. Above all, with a customized logo, you can make the report look completely yours

For your small business needs, you have SlideMagic app as well. 


Get Promo on board if you haven’t yet for making your business report. It allows preparing a visually appealing report that helps you build a base of loyal customers. Reporting with the Promo software guarantees complete success. The video feature helps you make awe-inspiring reports that are high in quality and understandable in all its aspects. The fonts, layouts, and other features help in making the reports easy to grasp.

Summing up

All the worries you had for preparing reports should take a backseat with these online tools. Just pick the right one for your business needs from the list above. Each one has a distinct identity and stands out from the other. What sparks your interest, do let us know.

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