What are the Best 6 IoT Companies in the USA?

IoT Companies in the USA

One of the most powerful technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to radically transform different industries. This intuitive technology brings in new revenue generation opportunities. Every business in different industries is trying to harness the power of IoT in its day-to-day operations. IoT has changed the process of creation, processing, and delivery of products and services through its innovation and interconnectivity.

In the light of IoT holding immense potential and value in today’s world, IoT app development companies are working on developing and offering interactive solutions powered by IoT. IoT developers are also high in demand due to the increasing use-cases of IoT. But finding the best IoT development companies from an ocean of companies is a challenging task. So, this post guides you on what are the best 6 IoT companies in the USA that can develop a unique IoT app for you.

Best 6 IoT Companies in The USA

  1. Enuke Software

Enuke Software is a software development company headquartered in India and has offices in the USA and Brazil. Enuke has established a global presence in 30 countries. The company offers integrated IoT solutions for applications in different businesses and industries. Its services including app development, consultancy services, support & maintenance, and connectivity solutions.

Enuke uses the latest technologies to build IoT apps by combining IoT data with computing. The company boasts a 92% client retention rate and is present on Clutch as one of the leading software development companies. It has an experience of over 9 years in the industry with over 200 projects delivered successfully. The company offers IoT app development solutions to industries such as transportation and logistics, automobiles, healthcare, and electrical energy.

  1. TechAhead

TechAhead is a software development company that provides services such as app development, IoT development, mobile consulting, cloud solutions, and experience designs. Headquartered in the USA, TechAhead has established its presence in India as well. It uses its high-end IoT technology to develop IoT applications and enable data tracking and real-time approach. 

The real-time data offers multiple business opportunities. The data insights offered by the company helps businesses use IoT sensors and devices to make informed decisions. The top highlights of TechAhead are IoT module development, support & maintenance, and effective data tracking system.

  1. HQSoftware

HQSoftware provides high-level development for sensors and devices, third-party integrations, and web and mobile application development in the IoT vertical. This software development company provides its IoT app development services across verticals such as Smart City, AUtomotive, Healthcare, Industrial, etc.

HQSoftware has proudly served international clients with an experience of over 18 years and successfully completed more than 450 projects. The company holds offices in the US, Belarus, and Estonia. It designs apps to resolve issues such as inadequate offshoring options and limited budgets. It focuses on every aspect of IoT app development apart from low-level hardware programming. One of its notable projects was designing a PHP web-based app to help an online reservation system for golf courses increase customers.

  1. Prompt Softech

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, Prompt SOftech is a software development company that specializes in mobile app development, custom software development, CRM consulting and SI. The prime focus of the company is on industry sectors such as healthcare, IT, and financial services.

The company has delivered over 250 projects with client retention of 70%. It houses over 150 in-house software engineers and has more than 150 clients. The IoT application development services by Prompt Softetch include quick prototyping, schematic design, firmware development, quality control, and PCB design and manufacturing. One of the notable projects of Prompt Softech was designing a cloud-based application tracking system in partnership with an employee management solutions company.

  1. SoluLab

Based in Ahmedabad, India and an office in Los Angeles, New York, and UAE, SoluLab has been the industry since 2013. The company house over 60 employees who have specialization in IoT app development, Blockchain app development, mobile app development, and SaaS product development.

SoluLab provides IoT, AI, Blockchain, Mobility, and Enterprise solutions. The company has delivered 1500 projects for 500 clients. One of the notable projects of SoluLab was a mobile app for a social fitness startup. The app used geofencing to connect people with fitness venues at different locations. The app was recognized for its UX by Inc. magazine.

  1. Saviant Consulting

Headquartered in Pune, India with an office in North Port, Fla, Saviant Consulting was founded in 2012 as a technology consulting partner. The company houses a team of 125 employees that provide services such as mobile app development, IoT development, cloud consulting and SI, BI, and big data consulting services. The industries that these companies mainly focus on are industrial goods, utilities, renewable energy, and logistics.

Serving mid-sized and large OEMs, they have implemented IoT for asset monitoring & management, connected devices platform, predictive maintenance, and equipment condition monitoring. A notable project of Saviant consulting is the development of a comprehensive enterprise software application for a food delivery service. The application aimed at digitizing the order processing system and enabled drivers to take payments, make product adjustments, and provide customer service.

Which is the best company for your business depends on what your business needs are and other factors such as your budget, location, etc. These best 6 IoT companies in the USA have been successful in living up to the expectations of their clients and therefore can be trusted with your IoT app development project. However, when selecting a company for your project, it is best to shortlist 3-4 companies and schedule a consultation with them to understand their services and capabilities better before finalizing one.

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