Money Management: Where to Focus


To pay bills, save money, and keep yourself fed, managing your money effectively is essential. It’s easy to find yourself looking at your bank account and wondering how all your money has disappeared, and it’s a stressful position to find yourself in. If this is happening to you frequently, it could be time to assess your expenses and see where you can adjust your lifestyle to keep hold of your money. Here are some ideas to focus on and help ease your spending while increasing your savings. 

General Shopping

Although some things might be more of a luxury purchase, it’s OK to treat yourself occasionally. If you want to save money, however, consider finding discount opportunities, like these amazon promo codes, to use when you decide to indulge. There are plenty of websites that offer discount codes for numerous retailers, too. 


Bills are a necessity that everyone has to pay-out for. If you fall behind on your payments, this could result in your power and water being shut off or having to pay more considerable fees to clear your debts. If you’re finding that your bills are increasing, or you’re simply struggling to afford to meet the monthly payments, consider switching providers for a better deal. You can use comparison sites to find different energy and insurance companies that could offer cheaper rates for the same services you currently use. 


It’s worth considering what you want to eat during the week before you do a food shop. If you have put no thought into your meals, it’s easy to pick up random products that could end up going off in your fridge if you don’t use them. This is a waste of money and equally could add up to a higher price when you reach the tills. Make a shopping list, and stick to it, avoid making impulse purchases. Additionally, it might be more beneficial to do one large shop each week instead of going to the store once a day. 

Subscriptions & Memberships

Most subscriptions come at a relatively low monthly cost, but if you have several, it all adds up. Consider how relevant these subscriptions are to you, and whether they are luxuries that you can cut down on to save money. For example, if you pay a monthly gym membership, but rarely go, it isn’t worth the money your spending. Only keep your subscriptions for things that you use regularly, otherwise, the rest can be canceled. 


If you’re someone who likes to go out every Friday or Saturday night with your friends, you are likely to be spending a lot on these social gatherings each week. Instead, why not host a games night at your place? Or limit these outings to once or twice a month instead of every week. It’s essential to have social interaction, but it shouldn’t result in financial stress. 

If you’re worried about how you can save money, focus on these points, and see how much you can save.

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