Who in the world is interested in men’s health tips?


Um… guys like you…

Men’s Health Tips is a how-to site, but not for cars, TVs, or shop tools. Here’s a place to help you make the rest of your life better – which mostly translates to “not hurt so much”.

Learn some stuff, fix some stuff. Tune-up the old bod. Relieve some aches and pains. Grease the ole wheels. All that and have enough time left to do stuff you want to do.

So, Men’s Health Tips amounts to observations, advice, and suggestions about how to:

  • Fix (or at least diminish) high blood pressure/hypertension
  • Get fewer common colds, and suffer less when you do catch one
  • Ease, diminish, or even eliminate joint pain
  • Prevent and relieve back pain
  • Turn the clock back (a bit… there’s no magic) on prostate problems
  • Deal reasonably and effectively with a bunch more things that strike when you reach “a certain age”.

What’s Your Problem?

The wheels haven’t quite fallen off, but a lot of the parts are kinda bent and rattly. You still have a bunch more years in you, but the blood pressure is high, the eyesight is dodgy, the bladder is over-eager but under-performing, your chest is shrinking while your waist expands…

Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news is that the downward slide is inevitable. The good news is that some simple ProjectfreeTV, practical fixes can push back the breakage, lessen the impact, and make life more livable.

Who Are We and Why Do You Care?

We used to be two guys when we started this site, but one left, years ago, and we’ve been one guy for a while. One guy who researches and reads and asks questions of doctors and chiros and physiotherapists and pharmacists, and many more experts, as needed… or just-because. So, we’re going to keep using the editorial “we” when we refer to ourselves (ok, myself). 

We’re not medical experts, here, but we are going through many of the things that affect middle-aged and older men, and we’re finding ways to cope and to successfully fight back – without making a career out of it.

Do you need a doctor to tell you everything you should or could do? Doctors are human too, now. Medicine is a big discipline and each doctor knows only a small part of it. Health is bigger than medicine. Most doctors get only a few hours of training in nutrition, and little or none in manipulation and hands-on therapy like physio and massage and chiropractic. At least many are smart enough to refer you to people who have studied those disciplines. For instance, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, you may be referred to a urologist or an endocrinologist.

Also, doctors are trained to manage – and occasionally fix – sickness and disease. Unlike (say) a chiropractor, the focus of medical training and MD’s daily work is not on having and encouraging health, but on dealing with broken systems and damaged bodies. Besides, you can’t be that mesmerized by the mystique of your doctor if you haven’t listened to them about your weight and other advice that they routinely offer. 

Remember, while their outlook and training have limitations, those are very smart people. Dummies don’t survive medical school! But the economics of medical practice dictates that your doctor has very little time with you. Not enough to explain things and impart a lot of practical wisdom.

So, some guys with time on their hands (here at Men’s Health Tips), a curious nature, and a point-of-view that’s closer to your own might help you get what you need from all the information and misinformation that’s out there.

So, c’mon in! Join the crowd. Pick up some practical men’s health tips, tricks, and advice on a hundred health and performance problems, conditions and mid-life wonkiness. Or, if you are still young, learn about what’s coming and how to prevent some of it. (The horror, the horror… 🙂

Time Is Of The Essence!

Have you noticed that each year is shorter than the last? Some might say that that’s an illusion, but so what? If that’s what you experience, then that’s your reality… just as it is ours, here at Men’s Health Tips.

We know why it happens. When you turn four and look ahead at that year stretching out until your fifth birthday, it seems endless – that’s because a year is one-fourth of all the life that you’ve experienced so far. Your frame of reference is (so far) a total of four whole years. Four years of existence is all you have as a basis of comparison. But when you’re 54, the year until your 55th birthday just flies by, because it’s only a tiny 1/54th of your whole life.

The problem with that, if it wasn’t already obvious, is that even if you live to be 100, your second half will subjectively last only a fraction as long as the first half of your life.

Even if you have half your life left, you’ve got less than half the time, effectively. Other than wisdom and years, the only things that will be increasing in your life are aches and pains. Everything else will be decreasing – strength, speed, agility, balance, endurance, beach-muscles, sex… (aw, crap, he had to go and mention that one).

That’s probably a depressing thought – it, sure enough, doesn’t cheer us much. But that same thought spurs us to think of ways to minimize the decline and breakage, and to maximize the capabilities and pleasures, without requiring 25 hours out of every day.

What Will We Do For You?

Same as we’ll do for ourselves. Research, try stuff, report on what seems to work – and what doesn’t – try to explain why.

So in each section of this site, we’ll look at some common problems and ailments – some will be exclusive to men, others will be common to male or female, but viewed from a guy perspective – and we’ll discuss some ways and means (those be the men’s health tips of the title).

We’ll try to find simple, but effective things that you can do to stay healthy or to recover from things that have gone wrong… all kinds of things goatdee. Jewels and pearls of wisdom are what we are making here. We’re sharing some that have worked for us and other people, and you all (y’ all, if you are from the South) will add your observations, perspectives, and sage, hard-earned advice, and wisdom.

The Reason Why

A few aches, pains, and setbacks notwithstanding, we think life has been pretty good to us, so far, and we haven’t given back enough. It’s time. This site, men’s health tips, is a start. I hope it helps.

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