Learn how to Care for your Eyebrows by Microblading

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Microblading is a treatment that will help you to get natural-looking thick eyebrows. It’s like a tattoo but not ditto as a tattoo. You can join the Microblading Eyebrows Classes and learn it.

This article will tell you how to care for your eyebrows and will share more information about microblading.

The Process of microblading

You have most probably noticed almost every woman celebrity’s eyebrows so thick and prominent. Not everybody has such eyebrows. You can also get much fuller and prominent, looking eyebrows through microblading.

The treatment is not painful and takes only 30 minutes, but the whole process becomes complete only after the second appointment for the touch-up after 4-6 weeks. It lasts for 2-3 years depending, on your skin type.

Things to take care of before microblading

Take good care of your eyebrows, especially after microblading. Also, before going for the microblading session, here are few things you should take care of:

  • Do not consume any blood thinners like caffeine, Ibuprofen, aspirin, etc., 24 hours before your treatment.
  • Make sure that your eyebrows are clean. You can thread or pluck your eyebrows before going for the treatment.
  • You cannot have any makeup. You should remove your makeup before getting the treatment.
  • Take a shower before going for the microblading session because you cannot bathe after the microblading procedure is complete for the next 24 hours.

How to Care Post Microblading Treatment

Post microblading care is essential. Here are a few tips on how to care for your eyebrows post microblading-

  • The first thing to remember is that after microblading, you cannot take a shower for the next 24 hours. And you cannot bring water even closer to your eyebrows before seven days.

    You cannot get your eyebrows wet or sweaty and cannot use any face wash or anything containing glycolic acid.
  • You should apply ointments and need to keep the cuts clean and free from bacteria. For the first 24 hours, you should use antibacterial ointments. For a week, you should use Vaseline-like ointments.
  • Using sunscreen can help your brows to last longer.
  • Picking scabs over the tiny cuts are not allowed. And the use of acids or retinoids is also not permitted since this can lead to premature fading of the pigments. 

About Microblading Course

Microblading has become quite popular in the past few years, especially after 2010.

Suppose you are a beautician and want to try something different. Or want to become a professional in microblading and open your clinic, you can take a course in this.

You can enrol yourself in good microblading eyebrows classes and become a certified professional in microblading.

There are two most recognised certificates for microblading. The Full Courses on microblading are also available online.


Thus all the do’s and don’ts of microblading are mentioned above. Therefore before going for the treatment, these tips can be helpful.

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