5 Reasons Why a DBA Will Make You More Employable in 2020 and Beyond


Now more than ever, people across the globe are looking at ways to make themselves more indispensable to both their current companies and to any prospective future employers. 

Business leaders want employees with not only the right skills and experience within their specific industry but also the right type of qualifications, which means they can implement their knowledge in the workplace. 

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), is fast becoming the go-to degree for those who want to stand out from an overly competitive crowd and be able to offer practical business skills combined with unique insights and the ability to overcome the complex challenges that businesses face today. 

Interested in how a DBA could help you become more employable and ensure you become an essential employee rather than a redundant one?

Keep reading to find out!

1. A DBA will help you become a ‘thought leader.’

If you want to be the type of professional who sets trends rather than follows them – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t? – then a DBA can help you achieve this. 

A thought leader is someone who pioneers their own ideas rather than follows conventional ways of thought. They are respected and trusted by both their colleagues and their managers as well as their clients and competitors within their industry. 

This type of employee is incredibly sought-after by business leaders and will most certainly help set you apart from other prospective candidates for any professional position.

By choosing to study for a DBA degree, you will learn an unparalleled understanding of the latest business research and be able to translate this knowledge to provide real-time solutions to the challenges that companies face today. 

2. A DBA will provide you with the most in-demand skills

It can be challenging to know what employers really want from their employees in 2020 and beyond, with the everchanging world of business resulting in companies having to continually adapt their working practices to stay current and ahead of the game. 

According to a recent report, there are three main skills that employers feel candidates currently lack in – these are:

  • Problem-solving 
  • Resilience 
  • Communication 

Creativity and data skills also featured highly on the list of skills most valued by employers in 2019. 

An online DBA degree cannot only help you hone and improve upon all the above sought-after skills but also to teach you how to promote these attributes confidently and clearly to your colleagues. Click here for more information on online DBA degrees.

3. A DBA will open new career opportunities 

Whether you want to be promoted within your existing company or you are seeking a new career, a DBA degree can offer you so many possibilities when it comes to career growth.

There are few elements of a potential candidate more off-putting to an employer than someone who refuses to push themselves out of their comfort zone

Why should a business leader invest in you if you do not have a track record of self-improvement and a desire to succeed? 

A DBA will provide you with business knowledge that can be applied to all departments within a company, making you invaluable to an employer – plus great value for money!

4. A DBA will make you more passionate about your career

Even with all the will in the world, an unmotivated and uninvested employee will struggle to perform well for their employer. If you want to make a difference to a company and want to ensure that you remain indispensable for the foreseeable future, then you need to ignite your passion for your chosen industry. 

A DBA degree can help refresh your interest in business and ensure that you have the drive and determination to succeed. 

5. A DBA will boost your confidence levels 

Deciding to go back into education to help further your career can be a daunting decision. However, a DBA degree is specifically designed to boost your confidence levels in the workplace, actively helping you earn extra credentials that will put you in the right frame of mind for finding your dream job. 

The skills you learn while studying for your DBA will ensure you can plan strategically and make competent and confident decisions within the workplace. 

Furthermore, a DBA program demonstrates to an employer that you are dedicated to professional development and honing your leadership skills. 

Still unsure whether a DBA degree is the right choice for you? 

Answer these simple questions. 

Do you want to stand out professionally? 

Do you want to guarantee growth in your career?

Do you want to be a trend-setter, not a trend follower?

Do you want to ensure you are indispensable in the workplace? 

If you have answered yes to the above questions, then studying for a DBA degree is the ideal choice for you – so what are you waiting for? 

Get started today and reap the rewards tomorrow!

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