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Lineage Cell Therapeutics, Inc., also known as BioTime, was found in 1990 in Berkeley, California. Angus Russel is the current director of the company who is a former CEO of Shire PLC. Initially its focus was to develop processes to cool living bodies and other related processes. It is a clinical-stage biotechnology company with headquarters in Alameda, California. Lineage Cell Therapeutics is traded on the New York Stock Exchange American Exchange with the symbol BTX. Its focus is to develop cell therapies. It develops treatments for degenerative diseases (age-related) and many other serious medical conditions. It also focusses on aesthetics and ophthalmology. BioTime conducts clinical trials for dry AMD and facial lipoatrophy in patients suffering from AIDS. The  lctx stocks have three subsidiaries:

  1. Asterias Biotherapeutics: It is reinitiating the trial for Geron’s stem cell for injuries in the spine. Its stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange market exchange.
  2. OncoCyte Corp: It is working on product development for treatment as well as diagnosis of Cancer. It is also traded on the New York Stock Exchange market exchange.
  3. AgeX Therapeutics: It aims to apply cellular technology to aging in human beings and disease & problems related to age.

LCTX Stocks

5 Expert Analysts analyzed lctx stocks. Currently 80 percent of these Expert Analysts suggest buying (not strongly buy) the stocks of Lineage Cell Therapeutics and the other 20 percent suggest to hold. No analyst is currently advising the sell Lineage Cell Therapeutics’ stocks and none of them say that the stocks are underperforming.

Latest LCTX News

Some of the headlines for lctx are:

  • The Financial Reports for the first quarter of 2020 for lctx stock at were out. The presented their plans and objectives for 2020:
    • To present the new data for 1/2a Study in dry AMD.
    • Complete the enrolment of patients in the USA for the 1/2a trials for dry AMD.
    • Meet FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of the U.S. to discuss the clinical development of OpRegen.
    • Assess the partnership opportunities for the OpRegen program.
    • Continue the engagement with medical and investment communities using virtual participation for healthcare and medical industry conferences, throughout 2020.
    • Strengthen the partnership with some of the existing partners including Cancer Research UK, National Institutes of Health, California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, and Israel Innovation Authority.
  • LCTX recently announced the early options exercise with Cancer Research UK for the Cell Therapy program.
  • Lineage Cell Therapeutics earnings are being expected to decline.

The lctx stock has been performing better in recent days than earlier and is expected to perform even better in the upcoming time. At the same time, you can also check bti stock news at

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