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Ultimate Bag Guide: Vintage Authentic Chanel Bags

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When buying a vintage Chanel bag, always look for a seller that can provide you with proof of authenticity. Authentic bags are not only rare but also very expensive, so if you find some reason to doubt the authenticity of your purchase or just want some more information on how to spot an authentic Chanel bag then read this article.

1. Spot the Authenticity

One easy sign of authenticity is the date code embossed on one of the corners on each side of the bag (this is usually best seen on vintage bags). You must buy Chanel bag online with a date code.

2. Material

Not all classic designs come in different materials. Most have always come in either Monogram Canvas or Damier Ebene, occasionally in Epi leather and sometimes with heavy gold chains attached. Look for the material your bag is made of before you start bidding or looking seriously at a particular vintage piece. Buy Chanel bag online from our latest collection.

3. Material Scratches

Most Chanel bags with lambskin exteriors will have some form of scratches on their exterior – this is normal and only adds character to the bag if done right. Look for signs that there might be serious scratches. This includes:

  • scuffs around all edges, 
  • white or silver marks near edges
  •  or around a light colour area of the bag. If your bag is made from Damier Ebene, then scratches are expected as this material was only ever designed to have prints applied with an iron press.

4. Epi Leather Bags

Epi leather is a type of crocodile print that is both affordable and very durable. It is the most popular type of leather used for Vintage bags, but it can also be very easy to fake.

5. High-Quality Prints/Stitching

High-quality Chanel prints are usually very high quality and have crisp edges. If you want to avoid replica bags, always look for good quality prints. This means little to no fuzzy edges and very dark designs. Chanel stitching is always even so never go for offbeat stitching patterns.

6. Stitching or Prints that are not Straight

Chanel bags are known for having impeccable attention to detail in their products which means that all stitching and prints will be made with extraordinary precision. Always check if they are straight, crisp and well done before you buy the bag (especially important with vintage bags).

The more perfect it looks, the better it probably is! Also, make sure there are no wrinkles or bubbles on the print surface as they usually indicate lower quality materials/prints used by replica makers.

7. Prices

The price is sometimes a great indication of how good or bad the bag is. If you have a choice between two bags that are otherwise identical, go for the cheaper one unless you’re positive it’s authentic. Chanel has never been a cheap brand and neither should its authentic vintage pieces.


The Chanel Bag is a classic, elegant way to carry your favourite necessities. Its small size makes it perfect for the woman who needs only the essentials during her day-to-day life yet wants them neatly organized at all times.

For those of you that are looking forward to spring and summer concerts or festivals, this bag will keep everything in one place so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about losing anything important!

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