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King Bed vs California king Bed: what’s the difference?


A proper bedding solution is available for tall people by selecting California King Bed size.

It is also essential to know the difference between a standard king bed size and a California king bed size to determine the available room space better.

Migliore Furniture is the appropriate furniture destination to buy such beds online or offline. Apart from knowing the difference, it is also crucial to determine the proper bedding solution for the bedrooms. 

Features of standard king bed size and California bed size

Standard bed size is suitable for all bedroom sizes, and they remain the unavoidable furniture in any home. It offers a proper sleeping solution for the users and improves the look of the entire bedroom area.

It is suitable for all age groups, and the bed is the right choice for the primary bedroom, guest room, or even for the children’s room.

California King Bed size is suitable for taller personalities that help in stretching their body for complete relaxation.

The dimension for California king platform bed slightly varies from the standard king-size bedand it remains suitable for spacious bedrooms. 

Difference between King vs. california king

The predominant difference between these two bedding ideas is the size. King size measures 76 inches by 80 inches, and it gives accommodation for two sleepers to get enough stretching and relaxation.

It remains suitable for the more spacious bedroom area, and it approximately covers 6,080 square inches of the covered area.

The dimension of the California King Bed size measures about 72 inches by 84 inches, and it gives the width of using two similar XL mattresses together. People who remain tall can accommodate them in this dimension without putting their legs outside the bed.

It covers approximately 6,048 square inches of the covered area, and it is the best choice for narrow bedding space. 

The option of buying a california king platform bed merely depends upon the users as they know well about the space availability and budget for buying such beds.

Select the best bedding option

The other available differences between King vs. california king are the following factors.

  • Determination of space
  • Determination of the sleeping position
  • Features of weight and flexibility
  • Cost of the bed

One needs to consider these differences before buying a california king platform bed. The determination is necessary to get a suitable bedding solution for the bedrooms. 

Buy quality beds to increase durability

Buy quality beds from Migliore Furniture to ensure the durability of the bedding ideas.

There are several options available for the buyers to select the appropriate beds for the bedrooms, and the choice help in proper selection.  

A wide range of bed frame solution that suits the california king is available for the users. Remarkably durable wooden bed frames are the options available to select from the best dealers.

Understand the concept of sizes

It is crucial to know the available bed size to use the best being ideas for the open space. There is not much difference in these two size bed ideas’ comfort, style, and usage.

The factors related to selecting either of the sizes are space availability and necessity. It is the choice of the user to consider the size that suits them well based on all aspects.

For this selecting purpose, vast knowledge about the concept and size is necessary, which remains beneficial for the users to fix the appropriate beds in their bedroom. 


Brilliant bedding ideas increase the utility of the available space, and it is also essential to select the beds that come under the fixed budget.

It is a lifetime investment to buy massive beds that could fulfill the user’s need in future requirements. It is advisable to buy beds that fix all aspects of the buyer’s choice. 

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