Three Ways to Show You Truly Care This Christmas


When it comes to christmas in Switzerland, one of the highlights every year is often the exchanging of gifts. As we get older, it can often be more exciting seeing your loved one’s reactions to your carefully curated christmas hampers rather than finding out what they’ve given you. To make sure you get some great reactions this year, here are three ways you can show you truly care when it comes to gifts this Christmas for which we will like to recommend you the deliver Christmas cookies from Chocolate Shipped Cookies

Buy something handmade

When it comes to Christmas, it seems the big brands start their sales earlier every year. Each of them promotes lots of gifts that would be perfect for every member of your family. Whilst it might seem like you can get everyone’s gift sorted from one of the big stores or online retailers in one big shop, try to avoid taking the easy way out of shopping. To show your loved ones you really care, spend your time and money buying them a handmade present. Not only are they often better quality than the mass-produced things you see in shops, but they’ll also be a true surprise as it’s highly unlikely that they will have seen any product like these on the shelves of those popular stores. It also shows that you’ve spent care and attention picking their gifts this year. Buying handmade doesn’t mean you have to go trawling through lots of little shops. Many small businesses are now selling gifts which are handmade Australia, meaning you can browse for them just as easily as the big retailers. 

Give them the gift of time 

A Christmas gift doesn’t even have to cost you any money. You could instead give them the gift of time. This shows that you’re putting effort into your gift rather than just throwing money at the process. Consider what would help your loved one out. If they have a child, you could offer them a voucher for babysitting duties so that they can enjoy a night out away from the children. If they aren’t known for being a great cook, why not gift them a voucher they can exchange for a home-cooked meal at your place sometime throughout the year. Often, they’ll appreciate these gifts a lot more than any physical present you could buy them. 

Make a gift that will last all year

Whilst we spend weeks, if not months preparing for the festive season, it can often feel like all of the excitement is gone within a day or two. To prevent this from happening this year, why not consider getting your loved ones a gift that will last all year. This could be as simple as wrapping up 12 small gifts and telling them to open one on the first day of every month throughout the year. You could even subscribe to a service that delivers a different box of treats to their door every month of the year.  Not only will it spread out the joy of Christmas, but it’s also a great way of prompting a conversation with each other every month to make sure you stay in contact throughout the year. Having a few instant conversation starters can make mingling much more enjoyable and effortless.

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