PGs in Koramangala For Ladies


Koramangala is a popular suburb in Bangalore located in the south-eastern region. It is known for IT companies, multinational companies, hip-hop restaurants, schools and colleges, malls and trendy stores. So, in this area, most of the people who reside are from the other parts of India. The young tech workers usually commence their career from the IT companies located in Koramangala and they prefer to stay nearby. They can easily commute to their offices. 

PGs in Koramangala 

So, many single rooms are available in Koramangala that are shared or private. The shared rooms can be shared by two or three people, whereas a private room is only meant for a person. If they live in shared rooms, then their burden of rent is reduced. They are provided with two cozy cots and other faculties. They can share the other charges such as electricity, food charges, etc. Some rooms are well-furnished, whereas some of semi and non-furnished.  People from northern and southern regions seek for accommodation here. So, the owners arrange for north and south-style cuisine. They are served breakfast, lunch and dinner. They can pay the food charges separately according to the food eaten or ordered. Some boys or girls who love to stay independently can seek for a single private room that is attached to a balcony. Two or three people can share a room and accordingly, they can share rental charges also. 

Facilities in PG 

Anybody living in pg can enjoy a comfortable life because all types of amenities are provided such as Wifi, security charges, housekeeping, etc. People in this region can enjoy the Wifi facility that is available with login and browses from 200 channels. Usually CCTVs are installed in every PG and hence the girls or boys can live safely.  The size of the rooms differs and most of them are attached to a balcony and bathroom. Usually, the owners usually charge only rental fees monthly. They do not charge security deposit. The housekeeping charges include cleaning vessels, clothes and sweeping charges. The tenants should pay them separately, but many maids are available in this area. So, many pg for ladies in koramangala are available in the interior and exterior areas of Koramgala. 

The different type of amenities that are provide are power backup, parking, TV, Washing machine, etc. Most of the homeowners provide facilities for parking 2 wheelers only. They provide Wi-Fi with unlimited data. They provide 1 or 2 washing machines and a single door refrigerator.  They can enjoy unlimited internet facility in this area. So, people should pay separately for using electrical equipments or washing machines when they are paying the rent. So, the electricity bills are included in the monthly rent. 

So, boys and girls can find different types of pgs in Koramangala that are fully-furnished, semi-furnished and non-furnished. Usually, the non-furnished rooms are cheaper and only have one or two cots. Some of the well-furnished rooms have TVs, washing machine, bathtubs, the boys and girls can live independently and safely. Some of the apartments that provide pgs even arrange for security guards and biometric access.  The ladies pg in Koramangala is safe as many owners arrange for security guards and CCTV also.

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