Must Have Best Motorcycle Protective Gear That Will Save You in Event Of a Crash?


If you understand the value of your life and body you would never ride without getting your motorcycle licence Melbourne and protective gear first. When it comes to protection and safety you should never compromise on price and quality. Today we want style, fashion, and cool looking outfits but in real life, this matters the least. Spend on safety gear in the first place because it prevents injuries and saves your life. If you are new to bike riding then you might not know the importance of good and protective motorcycle gear but if you have been doing it for some time and you still ride without it then I think you are a fool. Anyways, there is a lot of things that one can buy for riding security and protection but you can save money by know which one’s are the best and most important ones. If you ever get involved in a motorcycle accident, consider hiring a personal injury lawyer or motorcycle accident lawyer to guide you in filing a claim. A professional personal injury lawyer can help you get the right compensation you deserve from the injuries you’ve sustained.

Do you want to learn the lesson hard way… no, you don’t? All the following mentioned motorcycle gear is best and important. Always remember no gear is worse than having cheap gear. Our list of the best motorcycle protective gear will let you know what is best and important. Look on the following and buy yourself protective motorcycle gear. The gear is listed in chronological order and we suggest you start shopping following our list. 


Your clothing is the most important part of protection because it is what’s going to protect you so choose it wisely and carefully. 

Motorcycle Jackets

Basically, there are two types of protective motorcycle jackets one is leather and the other one is textile. They both have come too far and developed in protection and safety. But the basic and first thing that a best motorcycle protective jacket should have is armored protection. Not just any armored protection but CE approved one. The more places in jacket include armor the better it is, usually, the jacket has armor at shoulders, elbows, and back while some provide it at chest too. Also, some jacket has the option to remove the back or spine armor when you like. 

Riders mostly use armored leather motorcycle jackets because it is better at protection from abrasions and scrapes. Usually, it is not like your usual and normal leather jackets. Further animal hides are the best types of leather that will keep your skin protected. Kangaroo, deer, and cowhides are the best with the first one being the best and most expensive. Textile is also good at abrasion resistant but it is not at the level of leather yet. 

Night Visibility 

You cannot ride believing that everyone had a cup or two of coffee before coming out with their bikes. Usually, the jacket and other protective gear that we wear is black because mostly black colored leather is popular. But when the sun sets it gets almost impossible for other riders. You can make it easier for others and save yourself from accidents by wearing reflective vests or jackets over your protective ones. 

This might seem like a lot to you but it is nothing compared to having your life saved, body protected, and no money to spend on the bike because someone chipped it. You can thank us later! We all know what reflective jackets are, they are the ones that reflect light at night times. As a matter of fact, there is not a thing if you would like to know. Reflective tape, you can stick that tape to your clothes or bike.

Chest Armor

These days many jackets have armor included in the jacket and some even give you the option to remove it. They increase your safety level saving the body and soul. Before buying the armored jacket, you must know that CE approved armor is the best one. Among those there are three levels 3 is the best and level 1 is least protective but still better than having nothing. 

If your jacket does not have one or if you do not want to buy a jacket with one then there is an easy solution. Get yourself a chest armor that is available in the form of a leather vest. Remember that it should also have a CE approved tag, you can also go for a padded one but that one is not as good. A little extra padding at joins is always welcome and helpful.

Other important gear

Yes, other than clothing the jacket, chaps, and armors there is more motorcycle protective gear that is important and you should wear. Without a father ado, let’s get into it. 


Gloves could be counted a subpart of protective clothing so we place it first. Just like your body needs protection and you wore jackets and chaps for item protection your hands are also prone to damage. So, to protect our hands you should always wear gloves. Not just in a crash but they will protect your form bugs, other particles and anything that comes flying towards you. when you are traveling at such high speed even little bugs hitting you are going to make you hurt but protection can save you from that. Leather is the best, in this case, buy leather gloves if you can and want to protect. 


Wearing a helmet is not only protective but it also required by law. Helmets keep your eyes, face, and hair-free of bugs, dirt, and other material that are flying off on the road in addition to protection in case of accidents. Do you want half of your head scraped off when sliding on the road? No, you do not! Full face-covering helmets are proved to be the best according to research. Try out a few to know your size and get the best-fitted one. Some helmets do no have visions or face shield so you can wear goggles with them. 


When you have all of these you can now move on to the next best protective gear. Do you wear protective boots when riding? This might be a shocker but it is true and important. Your regular boots, trainers, shoes or whatever is not the right one. There are different boots for different riding styles mostly they are high ankle made of tough protective material with padding on the inside. Make sure to tuck the extra laces in your shoes otherwise they can get tangled and cause accidents and that is the last thing you would want. 

Protective Guards

Knee and elbow guards offer more and additional protection to the joints. Some pads or guards give protection to the surrounding areas too. Like some knee pads cover shin, carves, and some part of thigh too. The focus of these protective guards is to protect your joint from severe damage and retain them in place. Wearing knee and elbow pads can save your stay at the emergency room in the hospital and help you get back up quickly. Most riders take most of the impact from falling on their hands, elbows, and knees. 


The best motorcycle protective gear is leather when it comes to material or fabric. Then CE approved armored jacket are very good and best at protection. Same goes for the chaps and pants. If you do not have money then you can go for a leather jacket or chap with padding instead of armor. And as your budget gets low you have to reduce the security level. We recommend investing in the right type of gear because the thrill is not worth more than your life. it is always better to have some gear any gear than no gear because having something is better than nothing. There are different types of jackets for different riding styles and conditions so choose accordingly. If you are also looking for motorcycle parts for sale, you may visit sites like

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