How to Prepare for PTE Writing Mock Test?


This post is for all those PTE test takers who are preparing night and day to crack their PTE test. While the Pearson Language Tests are quite easy, it may be hard for some aspirants to comprehend what exactly are the requirements to score high in a PTE writing mock test. One needs to precisely follow various instructions, and know about the scoring patterns, writing tips and strategies.  So, anyone who is looking to score a 70 or above can take a queue from the tips mentioned below. 

Best tips to follow for PTE Writing Mock Test

1. Crossing the word limit or falling short

This is one of the most common mistakes that most Pearson PTE examinees tend to make. While writing an essay, test takers tend to overlook the word limit specified in the instructions section. While some essays are expected to be written within 200 to 300 words, many test takers tend to write less than 200 or far more than 300 words. This is a big no-no and you need to make sure that you do stick to the word limit as failure to do so impacts your score negatively.

2. Maintain a good writing format

The sole purpose of a PTE writing mock test is to check whether your writing is coherent or not. Most test takers struggle immensely with writing a captivating introduction and finishing off with a logical conclusion. 

The structure of the essay plays a pivotal role in the quality of your writing. The structure must reflect your capability of developing and framing ideas through words. So, start by writing a crisp and clear beginning section that communicates the topic of discussion. Next, follow that with a well-written body that touches on key points relevant to the topic, and finally, end it with a coherent conclusion that sums up all that you intended to convey.

3. Write for the topic

One of the greatest challenges for any test taker is to write about the given topic at length. It is often seen that a test taker starts writing about a factual statement and wonders into the territory of his/her personal opinions. So, let’s say the question is “Many universities prefer written tests as opposed to computer-based tests for students. 

Give your opinion on the subject.” In such a case, you are expected to provide your views and opinions on the matter. The subject does not concern computer studies. So, refrain from writing about irrelevant topics, and present your opinions on the subject matter only. Always take the time to read and grasp the question before you start writing.

4. Misunderstanding a given passage

There are only ten minutes to write the Pearson PTE summary and you want to rush your way through it. As a result, you end up misinterpreting the entire passage and providing a summary that only you know about. It has nothing to do with the actual context of what’s been said.

Making such a blunder is going to adversely impact your PTE score, to say the least. Hence, you must take the time to thoroughly comprehend every aspect of the given passage and answer the questions that follow accordingly.

5. Finish summary within a single sentence

The whole point of asking a test taker to summarize in a single sentence is to see how articulate they are. A test taker is expected to summarize the passage in a Summarize Written Text task within one sentence only. However, most examinees fail to deliver the summary within a short crisp sentence and go overboard.

You must practice reading paragraphs and summarizing them by using as few words as possible. Get into the habit of using proper connectors such as commas and finish off with a single sentence to get a high score in your PTE writing mock test.

6. Proper usage of grammar

The Summarize Written Text section of your PTE test is designed to evaluate your paraphrasing skills. The challenge is to write the main idea within a 5 to 75-word sentence. However, the examinee has to maintain proper use of grammar throughout the sentence.

Usage of incorrect grammar to paraphrase the text is going to cost you your PTE score. It is necessary to write a complex sentence using conjunctions, and adverbs, and to avoid repetition of the same words. So, anybody seeking a 70+ PTE score must regularly practice and sharpen their grammar usage as it plays an essential role out here. So, perform proper practice to make your perfect PTE score.

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