SEO Copywriting Tips to Grow Traffic in 2020


Writing is one of the fundamental parts of SEO. The Google search engine is built for the purpose of giving accurate search results to the people using it. Any website which can provide the right solutions will be ranked high on Google.

The content Google ranks has to be written by someone. Despite there being numerous tools for automating endless manual tasks in digital marketing, writing content is something that has not been automated yet, atleast not effectively. Someone has to write the content we see displayed on millions and billions of blogs and websites.

This is where the good, the great, and the bad websites are truly differentiated.

Good content doesn’t simply mean content that is good in quality. When we speak of content from an SEO and digital marketing standpoint, good content also has to be easily discoverable.

Many SEOs running blogs and websites understand the importance of having content which really sets a high standard. Content is the only way a website can get organic traffic from search engines, and that too over a long period of time. If you’re building a website and thinking about its long-term future, it’s vital to consider working with an SEO copywriter.

In this article, we cover some SEO copywriting tips for SEOs to follow in 2020 to grow their traffic.

Continue Trusting Longer Content

Long content still seems to be Google’s preferred form of content. When it comes to ranking two different websites, Google tends to rank the website with longer content higher.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that bad-quality long content does well. Google is smart enough to find relevant content on a webpage. If SEOs create content where each different subheading and topic is relevant to the title of the content, the content will be considered in full.

Thus, long-form content is still the best policy to get higher traffic, provided every part of the content is relevant.

Think About Topics Instead of Keywords

When SEOs do keyword research, they think in terms of keywords and the number of searches they can rank for.

This approach worked well for many years, but the dependence of Google on these keywords is now fading. Over the years, Google has become better at understanding the context of the content it is indexing;

Topic research is simply a shift in approach. SEO copywriters essentially look at their content as a collection of topics. Any topics relevant to the content are added, and the rest are removed.

Invest Time in Research

Creating quality content requires some kind of investment. By creating content which is based on hard-core research, SEOs place themselves in a situation where they have truly unique content which attracts visitors.

Thus, spending waking hours on research and finding truly relevant topics are a great SEO copywriting tip to gain more traffic.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers some of the key SEO copywriting tips that can help a business grow traffic in 2020.

Alen Parker
Alen Parker is a critically-acclaimed writer who has generated a wide range of content during his professional career. His industry-wide experience into writing for different niches is certainly an admirable aspect that empowers him to create enriching, informative write-ups.

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