Reasons for Creating a Web Application Using ASP.NET Frameworks


Despite the inception of several development technologies in recent times, many people still believe that ASP.Net forms the backbone of web development.

So What Makes ASP.NET an Affective Technology and make it stand apart? 

This is the first question that pops up in the mind of users before they head to hire .Net Developer. Many of you may end up with technical explanation which is hard to understand. Don’t worry! This blog will solve all your queries regarding:


  • What Is ASP.Net?
  • What Is ASP.Net Core?
  • Basic and Extensive Features of ASP.NET
  • Expert Tips to Find Best ASP.NET Developers For Your Web Application Development Needs


Before we dig deep into the blog, let me answer your 2Ws and 2H questions…

“What” is ASP.NET?

For those unfamiliar with the concept, ASP.NET is an ever growing ingenious technology, provided by Microsoft to build dynamic data-driven Web Applications and Web Service.

Do you know, it is nothing, but a collection of classes that makes it a subset of wider .Net web development Framework that enables you build console applications in quick time frame. 

How It Is Different From .Net Core Technology?

Are you confused between .Net and Core technology? Well, both are originally developed by Microsoft’s .Net team and .Net framework was released as a proprietary software framework for windows platform. But with the regular amendments in .Net Framework, Microsoft has redesigned the core architecture of the basic .Net Framework to simplify development, testing and deployment of latest software application.

How Does .NET Technology Works?

It works on top of the HTTP protocol and uses the HTTP command and policies to set a browser-to-server bilateral communication and cooperation.

Why Should You Invest in ASP.NET Technology?

Still draining you time and effort on understanding the complexity and processing of other frameworks? It’s time to wake up! 

Consider the real stats and facts of using ASP.NET for developing software and web applications. The recent stats and surveys conducted by Builtwith conveys that, today approx. 41,304, 935 websites are powered by ASP.NET.

In addition to that, you can consider this graph to analyze recent changes in the world of ASP.NET and understand the major shift to .Net Technology.

In the crowded market of different technologies including PHP, Magento, WordPress, HTML5 and others…ASP.NET of Microsoft has proved to be the popular choice. Nearby 40% is considering .NET as a powerful and multipurpose technology for developing Web applications and Web Services.

In this rapidly changing tech environment “you must stick to your conviction, but be ready to abandon your assumptions!” Denis Waitley!

Let’s have a Quick Glance Over the Reasons to Adopt ASP.NET Technology To Develop Web Application and Services…

Developing Larger Applications Are Easier With ASP.NET!

Offshore reputed software development companies have revealed that building the larger applications are no more far-fetched job for the developers. With the minimal use of coding, users can quickly and effortlessly develop web applications at the budget-friendly cost.

Secondly, ADO.NET feature disconnects access to the database, therefore, connections are not last long with the database. Therefore, developers can improve the performance and scalability of web applications with ASP.NET.

Leading Open Source Platform For Developing Web Applications!

ASP.NET is a perfect alternative to other leading open source tools or frameworks including Angular Js. , Bootstrap, Notepad++, XAMPP, Node Js. and several others. 

Microsoft enables you to download the web application framework and access its source code directly in GitHub and build a variety of modern applications without increasing project cost.

Leaner and Modern Features of .NET Are More Attractive Than Others!

ASP.NET provides good performance and allows you to modify performance related to web pages and server control processing. How???

It employs a smart client-driven application model that can easily run without any need for network and server. Also, data-fetching is far easier from the server which results in a more dynamic user experience and ensures efficient use of client infrastructure.

Quick and Easy Configuration Will Reduce Your Response Time!

With the presence of ASP.NET developers, now, you don’t need to store application configurations in the web configuration files. 

The integration of the Startup.cs file in ASP.NET technology, you can easily cut down the risk  of keeping configuration files in separate folders. The Startup.cs file automatically enables the app to reap the configurations when deployed in a cloud. This makes it simpler to add, update and remove sources of configuration for your web application.

Reliability and Security Makes It A Top Choice!

Developing a secure application is the most important aspect to consider of software development process. You can hire Software Developers to access ASP.NET web forms which allows you to add “authentication feature” to maintain the security of the application. 

Cross-Platform Functionality Makes it Win!

When targeting MAC, OS, Linux or Unix Systems, the .Net technology stands out as the best choice. You know why?

It was originally developed as a window-based web application framework, but with often modernization cross-platform CLR, users can now create, compile, build, and publish an ASP.NET application on any platform. The presence of .Net technology transform the cross platform functionality into seamless efficient user experience. 

Boost User Experience By Assessing Option to Write Code in Multiple Languages!

Use the coding language that provides a richer and more responsive user-interface to the users. 

The developers, still working with the technologies that support single language, can now leverage the new feature of using C#, VB or F# language and reduces unnecessary disk memory along with the agile benefits of an interpreted language.

With the adoption of .Net technology, a developer can revolutionize the user experience… 

Integrated With Rich Tools To Tailor Your Experience!

Untouched with the features of robust framework? ASP.NET is the perfect alternative you need to know about.

Integrated with some rich tools including automatic deployment, firewall, WYSIWYG-editing, drag and drop controls, developers can effortlessly revamp their experience working on latest technologies. 

Faster and Seamless Processing Makes it a Future Wizard!

Every application has an inherent amount of irreducible complexity. The only question is who will have to deal with it, the user or the developer? “Larry Tesler”

With the presence of ASP.NET technology, neither user or developer has to bear the pain of handling complicated processing of the web application development.  The combined coding and caching are the two major elements that make ASP.NET runs faster, quicker and efficient. 

In fact, the codes quickly get compiled into machine language, before any visitors view your web page. Caching saves information in the browsing history to ensure faster access in the future. Ultimately which makes your website run very fast even after regular visits to a database.

Rapid Development and Deployment For Hassle Free Experience!

ASP.NET has revolutionised the way programmers make changes in the application. With the availability of ASP.NET and latest versions of Microsoft’s .Net technologies, programmers just need to modify the coding in the background. The final updations will be automatically done in the background without any need of refreshing your browser. 

What Mistakes You Should Avoid While Choosing ASP.NET Developers?

Like all development projects, there is always a risk to create blunder when coding becomes complicated for the developers. But don’t worry, joining hands with the right choice of ASP.NET developers, you can eliminate the risk of misunderstanding of .NET operating principles. 

Let’s gear up with the expert tips and suggestions to find the best software development company:

  • Web application is an important element of your business, then why to take risk of dealing it with yourself. In fact, ASP.NET is strictly an object-oriented platform, so make sure you research for developers and other professionals working with the application have skills and understanding of the work with the .NET technologies.
  • Before hiring the web developers or making any final decision, consider whether the project is right for .NET technology. For instance, developing a CMS based application on .NET is not so popular and easier than developing it on PHP. Smaller, simpler sites should be developed in smaller, simpler technologies to manage it conveniently. Save ASP.NET technology for the large projects that demand complexity and capabilities.

Last but not the least, never settle for less! To stay ahead in the highly competitive market, you don’t only need to integrate the latest technologies, but also want the industry best developers by your side. So take a turn and replace your legacy system with modular .net technologies which in turn leads to better performance of your site.

Final Words

With this blog, hopefully, you must understand the ASP.NET is the high-performance multi platform framework for creating modern cloud applications. However, before embarking on the development of a web application and software with ASP.NET, it is recommended to validate that this framework covers all your API related needs. And as an ASP.NET web development company, our professionally trained and certified developers can offer you customer solutions to meet all your business requirements.

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