6 Reasons to Move to San Diego


If you are considering moving to San Diego, you are making a potentially life-changing decision, but one you are unlikely to regret. San Diego is a beautiful and unique city in California. With 1.5 million residents, it is the second-largest city in the state and the eighth-most populated in the whole of the US. San Diego is well-loved not only for its incredible beaches, natural deep-water harbor, and year-round sunshine, but also for its laidback, safe, and welcoming community. Whether you live in California, another US state, or another country entirely, relocating to San Diego is a fantastic choice, and here are six reasons why:

  1. Incredible climate

Lots of US cities boast a good climate, but few can compare to San Diego. Since records began over 150 years ago, the snow has only been reported five times and most days see temperatures of approximately 70 degrees, so it is rarely too hot or too cold. In the summer months, temperatures can reach the 80-90, but that is just a great excuse to head to the beach for a refreshing swim!

  1. Beautiful beaches and surf

To help you make the most of that glorious sun, San Diego has some of the most stunning beaches in the US. Soft sand is met by fantastic waves for surfing and there are plenty of calmer bays for kayaking, swimming, and paddle-boarding. 

  1. Renowned craft beer industry

San Diego is also home to some of the best craft beer companies in the country including breweries and beer gardens where you can enjoy hoppy IPAs which the city is famous for. Click here for information on the best craft breweries in San Diego. 

  1. Breath-taking scenery with an outdoor lifestyle

You will find homes to suit every budget in San Diego – from one bedroom apartments to stunning San Diego luxury apartments downtown – but wherever you live, you will be able to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle and scenic landscapes. With the temperate climate you can enjoy the scenic hiking routes, ocean views, and hill climbs, explore Balboa Park (a 490-hectare cultural park with green spaces, museums, theaters, and the iconic San Diego Zoo). Alternatively, you can sit back and enjoy a barbeque at home. 

  1. World-class dining and vibrant nightlife

Heading out to lunch or dinner in San Diego is a unique experience because there are very few chain restaurants. Instead, the city prides itself on a wide range of exciting independent restaurants with new eateries opening all the time. When it comes to nightlife, whether you are looking for a cocktail lounge, classy wine bar, comfy bar, or a lively club, you will not be disappointed. The Gaslamp Quarter is an absolute must-visit area filled with bars, clubs, theaters, and comedy clubs. 

  1. Relaxed and welcoming community 

Finally, one of the big attractions for people moving to San Diego is the community and its laidback approach to life. You will find a warm welcome almost everywhere you go. Comfort is more important than style for San Diego’s locals and it is not unusual to see people out and about in beachwear, yoga pants, tank tops, and sweatshirts. 

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