How To Start Up a Pest Control Business


Pest control might not be the most glamorous industry in the world, but it can be pretty lucrative. Pests will always find their way into people’s homes, and they will always need to be removed. With the right tools and a can-do attitude, you could set up a hugely successful pest control business. Here’s how to do it. 

Research your target market area

The first step in starting a pest control business is to research your target market area. You might be thinking that every home will need your services, but that’s not exactly the case. If you live close, for example, to an airport where planes fly overhead all day, you will find yourself servicing homes more often than if you lived in a suburb where planes fly overhead only once every couple of days.

Customer profile

People who live in the area that you have chosen will vary from business owners to young families. You will need to decide which type of customer profile you prefer because this will affect your service offerings and prices. If you choose a niche, such as offering organic pest control services, you might only get one customer – obviously not a good thing for a business.

Types of pests

Once you’ve researched which types of pests are commonly found in the area that you want to do business in, it will be time for you to decide on which type of pest control method(s) you want to use. If one type doesn’t work well with your customers, try another. For example, a common problem is ants in North Carolina, so you should offer an ant removal service if you’re setting up a business in the area. Visit to see why they specialize in bed bug removal. For homeowners struggling with termites or mice infestation, a termite control or mice removal services is the best pest solution to offer.

Decide which services to offer

It is vital to offer good service in the pest control industry, e.g., termite control services. If you don’t, your customers will go elsewhere, and word of mouth will quickly cause your business to crumble. Decide which services that you want to offer and how much they will cost before opening up shop. You should also decide on what sort of products that you’ll be selling.

Price your services accordingly

When you’ve decided which types of pest control services that you want to offer, it is time to price them accordingly. Keep in mind the things you will need to buy and how much they will cost before you set your prices at a ridiculously low or high amount. You should also factor in your salary when pricing your services because it’s a business, and you should make a profit.

Get your business set up professionally

You will need to get your business set up professionally if you want customers to trust you enough to buy from you. This might include having an ad on the Internet or even getting some coverage through magazines, newspapers, and TV. Of course, you can always sell your services door-to-door if you don’t have the money for an ad. There are many ways to get customers through word of mouth, so don’t despair.

Buy an existing business

If you don’t feel like putting the work into starting up your own business, then you can always buy an existing business that is already well known. You will be able to cut costs by only having to advertise it in one location, for example, whereas if you were to start a new company from scratch, you would have to advertise everywhere.

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