The Best SEO Plugin for WordPress to Increase Traffic in 2020


We get some information about what are the best WordPress SEO plugins that we can use regularly. That is on the grounds that web indexes are a significant source of traffic for most sites on the web. Improving your site for web crawlers can help you with positioning higher in search engine rankings and essentially develop your business. 

Right now, I will share the most useful WordPress SEO plugins that you should use to increase your site traffic. These plugins offer many advanced functionalities, so I will also share which ones are the best WordPress SEO plugin for what purposes. Let’s get started. 

Best WordPress Plugins for SEO

At the point when you look for SEO plugins in your WordPress dashboard, you will locate various distinctive plugins. Different plugins are meant for different requirements, most of the plugins help to analyse and improve your text content, some plugins help to improve pictures, and so forth. Right now, you will be knowing some WordPress plugins that are helpful for positioning higher in web search tools.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is truly outstanding and most noteworthy appraised WordPress plugins. There are many conditions that cooperate to improve the positioning of your site. This plugin gives such a framework to satisfy those conditions. The framework incorporates many advanced functionalities and tools to test whether all SEO needs are met or not. The key highlights of the plugin are:

  • It checks your sentence structure
  • Checks the keyword density
  • Generates XML sitemap
  • It also checks other SEO requirements

All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is a WordPress plugin that works just as its name suggests. If you are starting with WordPress or SEO, this is one of the best plugins to boost your SEO efforts. The user interface of this plugin is very easy to use. It offers a wide range of features that can handle all your SEO requirements. The important features of the plugin are

  • One page user-friendly interface.
  • Social media integration
  • Automatic XML Sitemap generation
  • Easy functionality

All in One SEO Pack is suitable both for beginners and advanced users. It has a paid version too.

Easy Table of Contents

This plugin contains a number of advanced features that will help you keep your site in order. If you’re just starting with WordPress or SEO, then Easy Table of Contents is for you. 

This plugin creates a table for all your posts, pages by analyzing your content. You can easily place the content table in your article by your choice. It also allows you to customize the table of content.  You can change the configuration of the table and control the appearance of the content table. Another feature of the Easy Table of Contents is that, if you want, you can hide the content table. You can also suggest any upgrades or changes to the content table to the developers.

SEO Press

Every WordPress site owner must have heard about Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack. Now, the SEO Press has a free as well as the paid version. However, the free version of the plugin can meet most of your SEO needs. It’s very easy to use, faster processing and a powerful plugin. This plugin helps to manage all of your posts and pages by analyzing your entire content. 

This plugin also generates XML sitemaps for indexing. Keep track of your site visitors and have an integrated social sharing facility. It also provides the platform for content analysis and helps to write SEO optimized content. However, if you opt for the premium version it offers many 

  • Integrated with WooCommerce
  • It enables breadcrumbs optimization
  • HTML Sitemap integration
  • Google Analytics enabled in WordPress database
  • Video XML Sitemap

This is one of the best alternatives for Yoast SEO. In addition to the basic features, there are many advanced features that can help boost your site traffic.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a WordPress plugin that is used for caching purposes. But you may wonder how it can help in your SEO journey? Let me tell you how it helps in ranking your page in search engines. If your page is cached then it is recommended by the search engines to be relevant. When your page recommendation increases the rank of your site also increases. WP Rocket plugin caches your content with one click, it’s very user friendly. This plugin speeds up the page loading, and a better page loading helps in good ranking.


Writing great content is the key to rank higher in search engines. However, in order to increase the chances of site ranking among competitors, your content needs a booster. In this post, I have mentioned five such plugins to boost your SEO efforts. Use them to analyze your content and modify them if necessary. 

Ensure that the features of the plugins are used effectively, but do not overestimate them. The plugins are for the optimization purpose, not for content quality. So, focus on writing good quality content using the keywords properly and use the plugins to check your SEO requirements. And if you have any queries then comment below.

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