How to Celebrate an Employee’s Work Anniversary


You might not count the many years your employees have worked at your company, but you can guarantee they do. If you ignore a milestone anniversary, they’ll not only be hurt by your lack of thought, but they might lose all passion and loyalty to your business.

If you want to retain your skilled employees throughout the years, you can’t afford to ignore their important milestones. Check out the below advice on how to celebrate an employee’s work anniversary.

Public Recognition

Publicly recognizing an employee’s work anniversary can shine a spotlight on them. It is a prime opportunity to acknowledge their achievements and contribution to the business. For example, you could highlight the milestone in a daily huddle, internal newsletter, or a company-wide email. It is an effective way to make an employee feel valued and appreciated.

A Thoughtful Gift

If an employee is celebrating 10 or 20 years with the business, a public thank you might not suffice. Prove how much you value a long-standing member of staff by presenting him or her with a thoughtful gift. For example, you could send a stunning floral bouquet from Lily Blooms to the office. If you don’t know their favorite flowers, you could ask their closest colleagues for advice, which will make the gift extra special.

A Day Off

Most employees will jump at the chance to take a day off on their work anniversary. If an employee has invested much time, energy, and skills into building your brand, allow them to take the day off to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation. If a day off isn’t possible, send them home early or encourage them to arrive to work a little later than usual. 

A Career Progression Meeting

Many people often look to the future when celebrating a work anniversary. They might start assessing their professional goals and asking themselves if they’re happy in a position. For this reason, you should schedule a career progression meeting to prove you’re invested in their success and future at the company.

A Workplace Treat

Make an employee feel extra special on their work anniversary by looking for different ways to treat them. 

For instance, you could:

  • Take them to lunch
  • Surprise them with their favorite dessert
  • Order a customized cake

Look for different ways to make an employee feel valued, which will remind them why they’ve chosen to work for your business for many years.

A Team Celebration

If a staff member is celebrating many decades with the business, they’re worth a team celebration. For example, you could ask your employees to write down heart-warming or funny memories of them, and you can then read aloud to the employee of honor in front of the team. You could even celebrate with a glass of wine or a beer and raise a toast to their many years of success at the brand. Don’t forget to hand over the many thoughtful messages for them to read at their leisure, too.

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