Is Blackmart Alpha Legal And Safe?


If you are not aware of Blackmart Alpha, then it is absolutely fine. A number of users were not aware of the app until recently. Let us first get you through the basics.

Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Alpha is an option to the traditional Google Play Store. It is an option that provides a broader range of apps and games. It also provides cracked games, premium apps free of cost, and more for users operating on Android. It touts itself as the optional marketplace for apps that does not limit access to specific handsets such as the Google Play Store does and do not restrict free “trials” similar to that of genuine apps. If you plan on using it for your business then you should consult with a law firm to see if it can get you into any legal trouble.

The app store does have a point here. Google Play Store publishers do restrict their apps since it is their right, to the detriment of the consumers. Some applications will not play on specific handsets, are area locked, or provide only a small free trial prior to requiring subscription. All these restrictions are eliminated while using apps like Blackmart Alpha.

You do not require an account to run Blackmart Alpha. You do not have to sign in, log in, provide all of your personal data, or pay money either.

Legality of Blackmart Alpha

As far as a number of users can tell, Blackmart Alpha is strictly against the law as it is not licensed or owned by Google who controls Android and has all copyrights over “.apk” files. Blackmart Alpha also avoids paywalls and provides premium apps without any cost attached to it, which will comprise some kind of code manipulation or hacking, both of which are expected to break a number of copyright and data protection laws.

Much will rely on where you reside, but in the US, there are a number of rules defending products and companies from copying, theft, and alteration. On the other hand, users are not a lawyer, so if the lawful question is essential to you, then it is recommended to seek professional lawful advice.

The more essential question: is Blackmart Alpha secure?

Security of Blackmart Alpha

The simple answer is NO. The longer response is still a big NO. Whatever your considerations on Google Play Store, one of the major objectives of the service is to make sure the security of your Android device and you as much as achievable. Yes, that needs a price, but that price assist you to keep your handset secure from damage or harm and you secure from malicious code, phishing, hacking, and whatever else comes with the package.

To provide premium applications at no free, there has to be something in it for the individual providing that application. Some will do it for fun but most of them will need some type of favor in return. If they are not charging a single dime for the application, then it seems to be tricky? Here is the trick.

Apps that were paid on Google Play Store had a price because they do not show the users ads. Here, apps from Blackmart are free for exactly the opposite reason. And these ads make a huge part of revenue generation for the Blackmart. 

We are aware that Blackmart Alpha is full of apps that are free “premium apps”. It is up to you if you want those apps with ads or you need to pay the price. As for the security of the app, a number of users have claimed that they did not face any security or safety concerns when using the app. 

Now it is up to you to use the app and let us know if you face any issue while using the app. You can give your feedback by commenting below.

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