Which part of Goa is Good to Visit: North Goa or South Goa?


As per hotel Chania, if you plan to spend some awesome holidays in India then Goa is the best place for you.You can spend some of your memorable time there.But most of the time people often quarrel among themselves that which part of Goa is the best North or South. The practical fact is that both the places have their unique beauty and splendour to share with. It actually depends on your taste that what attracts you the most. 

You must visit North Goa or South Goa entirely depending on your budget and on your likings. But one thing is sure that both the places have their own uniqueness and beauty that you can explore there. You need to make some considerations before visiting these places in order to decide which place suits you the best. It can be any one of the two. 

Important points of comparison between North and South Goa  

There are several points of comparison between the North and the South Goa. Therefore, let’s explore the points one after the other to get a better insight into it. 

Which place is the best for the backpackers on a budget?   

In India the accommodation is really cheap compared to the other countries of the world. You may want to book a room for a solo, or you may have come in a group. The choice may be yours.Now let’s make a comparison between the two places.   

North Goa:-

There are lots of options for the backpackers in North Goa. you may get a hotel worth Rs 500 a night. There are other lots of cool options for the backpackers there like Jungle Hostels, Papi Chulo, Funky Monkey or a prison hotel. Anywhere you can stay and spend your time in North Goa.  

South Goa:-

South Goa comprises a stilted beach and it is not the cheap place for the backpackers. The hotel rooms with Rs 1000-Rs 5000 per night basis. Hence, it can easily burn the pocket of the backpackers. Hence, if you want to spend your time in South Goa then you must consider your budget carefully.

Where to stay in Goa?   

There are several things that you can do in Goa. Among the top ten things to do in Goa, the selection of place is the vital one. There are lots of hostels, 5 star resorts, Eco resorts, jungle huts, You can choose any one of them to stay there as per your choice. On the basis of stay let’s see which place is better North Goa or the South Goa. 

North Goa:-

There are a wide variety of options available to stay in North Goa within your budget. North Goa is not near to the beach. There are lots of urban, semi-urban and village-type areas there in North Goa. For backpackers, Anjuna is the best place for them. 

South Goa:-

South Goa comprises lots of luxury resorts as the sea beach is near to it. The price of each hotel is very high. Better to say that for tourists it is the perfect place to spend some exotic holidays there. You can enjoy a lot there with your friends and families. Your vacation will get real respect if you choose south Goa. In the shore of the Sea you can spend some memorable moments with your near ones. Agonda is the most beautiful beach in Goa where you can spend your time with your near ones with lots of comfort and luxury.   

Hence, if you plan to visit Goa you must visit  this place once. If you are travelling with no money then forget about south Goa 

Which place is better for sightseeing?   

Both North and South Goa have some wonderful places for sightseeing that you can enjoy there. Let’s not stretch the suspense any more and directly compare the two places to understand the beauty of Goa that you can enjoy there. 

North Goa:-

North Goa is the home of cultural landmarks compared to old Goa as the main point of attraction. Due to Portugese Influence there are lots of beautiful Churches present in North Goa. Panjim the capital of Goa is the most beautiful place in North Goa that you can visit.  

South Goa:-  

The beach is the main point of attraction in South Goa. Here you can take a sunbath, beach walking, reading and kayaking are some of the activities that you can enjoy in South Goa.  


Hence, if you want to visit Goa and are confused between the North and the South Goa then believe my words both can fill you with lots of enjoyment that you cannot forget in your lifetime. You need to choose what type of enjoyment you require. Do you want to enjoy the pleasure of Sea beach or you want to spend some time with memorable visits in different places of Goa. Your decision will make your trip beautiful in Goa.

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