How Can You Know If Your Child Has Mental Disorder?


Mental Disorders are a big concern but often neglected. Almost every individual goes through several phases in life and may encounter anxiety, depression, addictive behaviour, schizophrenia, eating disorder, sleep disturbance at one point in life. These problems occur and go away with time naturally. But if the signs persist for a more extended period and affect your functionality and health, causing stress, it should be treated as an alarming signal. 

Mental Disorders are a more prominent cause of concern than physical health because it is often overlooked due to lack of awareness. Your personal life, your professional life, social behavior all go for a toss, and you find it challenging to handle your activities and relationships. The person faces outbursts of temper, tantrums, and trauma and gives an impulsive reaction to these stimulants. Talking with a near and dear one helps to an extent. Still, in extreme chronic cases, you need a medical intervention that combines both medication and verbal therapy (counseling) to heal your symptoms!

Mental Health Disorder-Classification and Types

‘Psychiatric Taxonomy’, the scientific name of mental health disorder classification, represents the critical aspects and different segments related to this unseen disease. This grave ailment is classified and categorized in the following categories for the ease of better understanding.

  • Mood Disorder/ Depression– Experiencing prolong feeling of sadness or mood fluctuation is a prevalent kind of mental depression. The patient doesn’t have a sense of joy and happiness and prefers solitude to the crowd!
  • Anxiety Disorder– If a person experiences panic attack, intense feeling of worry or stress that interferes with the daily activities, then the person is suffering from an anxiety problem. The pulse rate and the blood pressures get abnormal when anxiety creeps in. If the symptoms of anxiety start disrupting a person’s life, it is essential to seek anxiety treatment from an experienced mental health professional right away.
  • Eating Disorder– A significant health concern, eating disorder affects the health directly and triggers obesity. Only an eating disorder treatment center can help your child overcome these destructive patterns. Many people find solace in negative eating behaviour when in depression and end up impacting their health. It is important for a person who suffers from eating disorder to seek eating disorder treatment immediately. Clementine The Woodlands for adolescents is a residential eating disorder treatment center.
  • Psychotic Disorder– A depression that leads to illusion is termed as psychotic disorder. The patient faces psychological behaviour problems and gets disconnected from reality.
  • Personality Disorder– A person who lacks social well-being and shows signs of unhealthy thinking pattern and abnormal behaviour and functioning is said to be suffering from a personality disorder.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress– Trauma is a terrifying event in one’s life, and if a person fails to recover from its impact and after-effects, then stress engulfs him making him a victim of this mental disorder.

Mental Health Disorder in India

Mental health issues are not uncommon in India, and the survey reveals that every one person out of seven has signs of mental illness. It can also be concluded that this country, with a population close to 135 billion, is under a mental health epidemic. Although being a severe issue, people often hide their symptoms or tend to neglect it as they do not want to garner unwanted attention. People need to realise that it is no more a taboo, and the sooner they discuss their problems, the faster they can recover. The lack of awareness and sensitivity regarding this issue is the main reason that people treat it like a social stigma. What is even more concerning is the fact that little children are now in the claws of this severe condition and many children are now throwing up signs of mental disorder. Mental health disorder in India is a condition that needs immediate attention.

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Mental Health Disorder in Children

A child can also show signs of mental disorder, and parents need to analyse it at the earliest before it’s too late. Mental health disorder in children is challenging to identify as parents do not want to acknowledge the problem and find it hard to accept the real fact. The child may delay development in age-appropriate thinking, regulation of emotion, social skills, or may reveal in-appropriate behaviour. This mental functionality hampers a child’s growth and curbs his performance in school and other social institutions. Parents need to closely scrutinize any unidentified change and act upon it without any delay! Some common mental health disorders in children, along with the ones mentioned above are Autism and ADHD syndrome. Take your child to an Action Behavior Center to get proper treatment as early as you can. Oceanic Counseling Group LLC identifies counseling as one of the best treatment for children.

Mental Health Disorder in Adolescence

Adolescence is the transitional stage from childhood to adulthood and is a bumpy ride of emotional and physical changes. The child goes through numerous incidences in real life and how he reacts to those indicates the mental condition. Mental Health Disorder in Adolescence is common and can be easily rectified with proper solution from a reliable therapy source.

Mental Health Disorder-Symptoms and Analysis

There are numerous warning signs that reveal the problem in your child (if any). Here are some of the mental health disorders symptoms that you can take a note of:

  • More than a fortnight of persistent sadness and depression!
  • Unwilling to get along with others!
  • Absence or avoiding social interactions!
  • A tendency to hurt oneself
  • Irritability
  • A sudden outburst of anger
  • Talks or discussions about death or suicide
  • Uncontrollable behaviour
  • Weight loss
  • Eating disorder
  • Personality or mood changes
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • A downfall in academic performances
  • Frequent headaches and illness
  • Loss of concentration
  • Missing school
  • Avoiding friends and family  

Mental Health Disorder-Test Needed To Be Conducted

If your child is showing one or more of the symptoms mentioned; it’s time to seek medical assistance from a qualified medical evaluator without any further wait. The parents should note down and monitor all the child’s day activities and all the abnormal signs that he shows! Further medical evaluation includes: 

  • Medical exam/mental health disorders test such as neuropsychological testing
  • Analysing the medical history of the child
  • Taking into account any trauma that brought about the changes in the behaviour.
  • Family history of medical and physical health.
  • Review and discussion of the symptoms with the parents
  • A detailed conversation with the child
  • Academic History
  • A questionnaires round with both the child and the parent.

The ICD (International Classification of Diseases) by WHO or the DSM (Diagnostic And Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) are the two guides that provide the criteria for making the diagnosis of the mental condition in a patient.

Mental Disorder- Homeopathy Treatment and Its Cure

Mental disorder needs time and patience to heal, and external medication along with proper counselling helps. It is a known fact that homeopathy has a cure to almostall diseases on earth. Time and again, homeopathy has proved to be successful in treating psychological problems in individuals by slowly knocking off the core issues and ensuring overall health benefits. This natural therapy works wonders to cure anxiety, depression, panic attacks, sleeplessness and other faces of mental trouble. For mental disorder, homeopathy treatment is a healthier way to treat your child as it has no known contraindication and has a safe oral route of administration.Homeopathy is completely safe and side-effect free!


If your child is under the grip of emotional turmoil or any mental health set-back, it is advised to quickly get him diagnosed without any further negligence. Children are at their growing stage and prolong, and persistent problem related to mental instability may cause permanent damage. Timely detection and quick cure mental disorder through homeopathy treatment can help avoid further complications and give your child a new life. 

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