How to Choose the Best Software Architecture for Your Enterprise App?


Enterprise software is usually the first step that leads businesses towards achieving their digital transformation goals. It forms the basis of increased productivity and profit as well as improved collaboration. However, choosing the right architecture is the foundation of enterprise application development in India or any other country for that matter.

A lot of companies out there are turning to cloud platforms to make sure that their cloud-first approach is paying the right dividends over a period of time. This makes modern software architecture focussed more on user experience and agility amongst other important things. Choosing the right software architecture begins with choosing an enterprise software development company that understands your unique business needs. Such a company would not hesitate from asking you questions and taking more time to come to terms with your existing capabilities as well as short-term and long-term business goals. Not having the required expertise in-house isn’t a problem. Not going to find an enterprise software development company that does definitely is.

It is very important for you to understand how enterprise software works. The first thing to learn is that it is developed in a certain context. Enterprise development projects are always aimed at fulfilling a specific business objective. The software architecture works to make the final product a success. The company that you have hired for this job needs to fully ensure that the architecture design they choose for a project is in line with your goals. However, developers are often seen to put innovation before function because of all the tools that are available at their disposal. This shouldn’t be the case though. The choice of software architecture should have a balance between innovation and function.

What is enterprise software architecture?

Enterprise software architecture is the architecture that is designed keeping in mind an organization’s IT growth and development. It doesn’t focus too much on the processes that are in place today but the evolution of an organization’s IT systems in the long-term. The quality of the architecture built is very important to the success of a company. It serves two very important purposes – minimize system complexity and improve overall IT efficiency.

So what exactly should good software architecture have? Different developers and organizations will have different answers to this question. However, the properties that are talked about a lot include flexibility and adaptability. The architecture is developed to seamlessly achieve business goals.

One of the things that good software architecture does is that it makes the programmers’ job a lot easier than it usually is. Debugging the software isn’t much of a problem when you have a good architecture in place. Its design pattern makes it easy for all the stakeholders to understand its working. Also, jobs like development project coordination and code deployment become a lot easier when you have good software architecture in place.

You can also maximize the benefits by integrating more than one architecture patterns with your IT system. However, you will need dedicated knowledge, skills, and experience to do this. This is why it is always important to partner with an enterprise software development company for these projects.

Top software architecture patterns

Microservices: This software architecture pattern carries out a division of functions into services. All the distributed services work in an independent manner. This architecture pattern is ideal for enterprise software development and offers benefits, such as high performance, flexibility, and scalability. You would need skilled developers to help you develop and maintain this architecture without complicating it too much. It performance at scale is better than other patterns. And the distribution of services as well as their independent nature ensures that no service is burdened with too much demand. Services that are business have no impact on the working of others. This ensures an improved user experience. The independently operating services make it a powerful architecture.

Layered architecture: This is one of the most common software architecture patterns for enterprise software development. In most of the cases, it has a database around it with business applications that have information stored in the form of tables. The likes of Java EE, Drupal, and Express amongst other frameworks were developed with this approach. The connected applications give this architecture its layers. The arrangement of code is such that it lets the data reach the top layer. It then comes down to the bottom layer. In most cases, the database forms the bottom layer. Every layer serves a specific purpose in this architecture.


Enterprise software architecture is very important to an organization’s ability to build products that are in line with its overall IT strategy. This is why the decision of choosing the right one shouldn’t be taken lightly. The assistance of an enterprise software development company can make things very easy.

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