Top 5 Java Features Every Developer Should Know in 2022


Java is one of the famous programming languages many developers, like outsourcing java development services, use for various projects. It has multiple remarkable features that make development more accurate and suitable for multiple devices and users. Many people want to start their career in software development, but most don’t know where to start. 

The best way java online course with certificate is by learning programming languages and learning java will is the best option. People who need to learn Java can choose the java programming training in Rajkot and even worldwide online. 

Several online platforms are available for people to learn all kinds of programming languages and topics related to these kinds of development and software creation. 

But while learning, people should cover all the essential topics in the topic, and it will help them be more productive and knowledgeable in that particular programming language. So, people learning Java should know all kinds of issues and features available with the programming language.

Along with that, people with a java programming language will have more job opportunities than others. So, these are some points that people need to know about learning java programming language and the coding methodologies available with Java. 

Top features to know about Java programming language

Though Java is one of the popular languages in the development field, people should be updated about the latest features available with the java programming language. 

This point is essential for people who are learning a new language. It is also necessary for people who need to learn about advanced and latest features in the trending languages. So, some of the top features that people need to know about Java in 2022 are
• Modules
• Records
• Var keyword
• Text block
• Sealed classes

These are the top five features people need to know about Java while learning the programming language. All these features are new to Java, and people learning Java in 2022 and developers already working with Java should also know about these services. 

So, these are some points about the features available with java programming languages. People curious about coding can join the java training institute, which is the best option to learn all these features. 


Modules are the latest feature available with the Java 9, and the working mechanism of this program helps people develop attractive, practical projects with various benefits. 

The modules are useful for packaging a java app or API as a module, and they will be available as modular JAR files. This packaging process makes the java program into small modules that help reduce the package’s size and help operate the code with all kinds of devices with a small storage area. 


This record is a special kind of class that contains concise syntax, and it is helpful in various programs to imitate different data-only types. It is also beneficial to hold multiple database queries and remote service calls for the program. 

So, people who are initiating to learn about Java should also learn about this class which makes the programming process more straightforward and helps to be more productive. 

Var keyword

Specifying the data type is necessary for the old code version while using the variable to declare in the program. But, now, people can use the Var keyword instead of using the indications of particular variables. 

This Var keyword will work with all kinds of values of any data type, and this new feature is available with the java 10 version. So, people should know about this feature to make the coding process more manageable. 

Text block

Like all other features above, this text block is also a new feature available for people to use in java 13. A multi-lined string can be separated using several methods from the previous version. 

But now, people can use the /n option to make it happen, or people can also use the unique text block code for this feature. To gain all this knowledge, people can join the Java online course with certificates that help people grow in their programming careers. 

Sealed classes

Inheritance is one of the concepts available with oop languages, so it is also available with Java. This feature of sealed classes is the best option to have more control over inheritance in the java programming languages.

This feature is more helpful in controlling the class or inheritance in the program. So, these are some of the points that people need to know about the sealed class features. 


So, people who need to learn Java and other programming languages can get various online courses, and they don’t need to search for java programming classes near me to find the best coaching classes. It’s because many practical certification courses are available online. 

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