Whatsapp New Features Update


If you are using WhatsApp, you have probably noticed the new features it’s adding. You may have noticed the Companion Mode, Payments, and Admin Delete features. But did you know that WhatsApp also has an Emoji reaction feature? If so, you might want to find out more about it. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the changes. Here’s what you can expect in the new version.

WhatsApp Companion Mode

A new feature in WhatsApp is WhatsApp Companion Mode, which allows users to use the messaging app on two devices at the same time. This feature also allows users to migrate chat history from their primary smartphone to the other. However, users must use a cable or the internet to transfer whatsapp messages from android to iphone 11. Currently, the new feature is available for users on Android and iOS. They can also use Google Drive to backup their account data, which may be helpful if they want to move from one operating system to another.

The Companion Mode is available for Android and iOS users, but it is not yet available for iPhone users. It is only available for a select group of users. Users must sign up for the beta program in order to experience the feature. The beta program lets select users use the app to test under-development features before they’re made available to everyone. This feature allows users to view chats and messages on different devices, including desktops.

WhatsApp Payments

WhatsApp Payments is a new feature that enables you to send and receive money through the app. To start sending money through the app, you need to first register a bank account. You will need to provide a UPI PIN to complete the transaction. WhatsApp will then verify your phone number and display the bank account you have selected. Tap the bank account and then click ‘Done’ to confirm. Once your payment is confirmed, you will see a tick on the screen. You can also see the history of payments made by using WhatsApp Payments.

Adding this payment option to your WhatsApp account is simple and hassle-free. The app has a zero-transaction-charge policy, making it a secure and convenient method for sending and receiving money. The payment process is easy to complete – you don’t need to enter your bank account details or IFSC code to make a payment. You can even make payments to friends and family members who don’t have an account with the same phone number.

WhatsApp Admin Delete feature

Among the new features of WhatsApp is the Admin Delete feature, which lets you quickly delete messages and photos that aren’t being used. This feature will help administrators make sure their groups aren’t deviating from the topic. For instance, an admin can keep a group focused on parenting discussions from veering off topic. The Admin Delete feature will also help administrators prevent their groups from wasting time on deleting unnecessary discussions.

Admins can now delete any message within a WhatsApp group. This feature is currently available to a small number of beta testers, but it will eventually be rolled out to all users. In the meantime, group admins will be given more authority to moderate WhatsApp groups. This feature will also give admins the ability to delete messages that are inappropriate or against the group’s interest.

Emoji reaction feature

WhatsApp has added react to messages with emoji feature . The new emojis include a melting smiley, a scared face hiding behind a hand, and a fire emoji. These emojis are already popular among users, but now, they’ve received a makeover with more options and a new skin tone variation. This new feature will definitely add an extra layer of fun to chatting.

Users can change the emoji reactions to a different one by long-pressing the message and clicking. However, recipients might be able to see the previous reaction before the user decides to delete it. WhatsApp is working on adding a feature to allow users to use any emoji in their reactions. As of now, the feature is only available in beta versions. When this feature is rolled out to the general public, however, it is unlikely to become a big deal for users.

WhatsApp group calls

WhatsApp recently updated its group calling feature, giving group members the option to mute certain people. These changes are mostly reserved for frantic meetings and hysterical conversations. WhatsApp group calls are now capable of holding up to 32 people at once, which is more than enough for any group call. Users can also now block individual profiles and their last seen status. Users can now also mute their own voice, reducing the possibility of causing upset or stumbling over the wrong words.

What’s more, group participants can now privately message each other while on a group call. Moreover, new notifications will also appear on the participants’ screens when someone joins a group call. And finally, WhatsApp is testing a new feature called Do Not Disturb, which will block all texts and calls during a specified time period. In a future update, this new feature will allow group members to stay in touch while on a group call.


WhatsApp has rolled out a new update that includes several new features. The most notable of these is the addition of group voice and video calling. Other new features include stickers, an easier way to share photos and videos, and a “delete for everyone” option. These updates come as WhatsApp prepares to be acquired by Facebook.

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