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Entrepreneurs are constantly on the lookout for something new to offer their customers. In this cut-throat competition, it has become a real challenge to attract more users. Especially if you are one of those business owners who already have a Super App or wish to leverage one, this blog is for you.

If you are a newbie in this field, let’s explore more about On-demand Multi-services App and how you can build an empire by creating one.

Super App – What Is It?

A one-of-a-kind app, Super App, allows for a wide range of services to be used while on the road. These services can range from reserving taxis to ordering groceries, receiving handyman or medical help, connecting with area ambulance services, going to the salon, and more.

Customers have access to more than 100 services, which eliminates the need for them to have additional applications. Users are given access to a vast array of services with only one download and login that have been categorized and aligned with the features.

Gojek Clone KINGX Pro has recently launched contemporary features that are aimed to let you reach the vertical limit. Out of the box, worldly features are well-crafted catering to streamlining the day-to-day chores of busy individuals.

The Story Behind Developing Astonishing Components 

Meeting the escalating demands of online classified marketplaces is difficult. To avoid the “Middleman” and the related hassle for their daily necessities like Real Estate, Automobiles/Cars, and Miscellaneous Items, people are looking for ways to contact potential customers and vice versa.

Professionals are trying to keep up with supplementary activities like selling and renting out things and automobiles due to a lack of time.

Although, there are specialised apps accessible; however, there was not a single app that offered on-demand tutoring, grocery delivery, handyman services, and medical services. 

Hence, Gojek Clone KINGX PRO was created by V3Cube in 2023 using cutting-edge components. This is the biggest and greatest online marketplace with over 100 on-demand services available anytime, anywhere.

Adaptable 7 Components Of Gojek Clone KINGX PRO 2023

The V3Cube team created this new super app, which has the hallmarks of adaptability and scalability and assures you of significant business growth and expansion. It creates the best marketplace app you can create under your brand thanks to a diversity of components.

  • Real-estate Classified Marketplace

Your app allows users to simply post residential apartments, villas, showrooms/shops, service apartments, industrial sheds, etc. for sale.

A buyer of real estate online has access to the owner’s uploaded photos and videos as well as the information the owner has provided. To further discuss the prices of the properties or to get their queries answered, users, can submit an inquiry form to the property owner.

  • Cars Classified Marketplace

Users can add information about their cars that are for sale or rent. Users can get in touch with sellers to look over listings and discuss purchasing or renting vehicles. Users can post their vehicles for free or for a fee, and the paid premium plan packages allow users to make money.

  • General Items Classified Marketplace

Users have access to a wide range of products, including electronics, recreational items, lawn & garden equipment, and home appliances, which they may buy, sell, and rent. The owner of the app receives payment each time a user purchases one of the paid plans to have their listing show as “Featured” on the app’s front page.

  • Carpooling

Using this peer-to-peer carpooling service, users can submit details about their travel arrangements, such as the destination, date, time, available seats, route, and cost per seat. If users want to travel to the same location, they must confirm with an in-app purchase. Each ticket that is purchased using the app earns App One a commission. 

  • On-demand Medical Services

With the help of this module, users can quickly receive medical care. The users can book appointments for clinic or in-person visits, arrange video consultations online, buy prescription drugs, and get in touch with neighbouring veterinary, ambulances, and other healthcare services. 

  • Explore Nearby Businesses

It enables your users to look up nearby businesses while they are going through that region. Businesses can be listed under ten different categories, including cafes, libraries, spas, stores, bars, malls, gyms, nightlife, and salons, and the app administrator can offer free or premium plan packages to do so.

  • Tracking Family Members/Employees

Employers may now watch their employees while they are at work, and users can use Google Maps to keep a check on their family members in real time through this module. However, to get the tracking, one requires installing the download on the smartphones of the users. The module preferences can, if necessary, be turned off.

The Highlights Of  KINGX PRO 2023

  • Quick registration

With one download and registration through social media credentials/ phone number/email id. Once the user has registered they can log in using Face ID or Fingerprint recognition thus making the entire registration process hassle-free.

  • Uploading media

Registered users can enhance their listings with pictures, brief videos, and descriptions to increase visibility and hasten the sales process. 

  • Intellectual filter

It is convenient to search for items, products, and properties using criteria like car brand, number of miles/kilometers traveled, price, date posted, sq. ft. area of the property listed (incl. rooms/bathrooms, etc.) 

  • Easy & quick to communicate

The components are well-built and enable seamless contact between the vendor and the buyer, enabling prompt answers to questions and the possibility of negotiations.

Final Thoughts

The days of spending a lifetime in front of a computer to track the app’s progress are over. The modern trend is to buy a ready-made Gojek clone app. Use a one-stop solution application to operate a fashionable multi-services firm.

Start providing your services in person, stay one step ahead of the competition in this industry of several services, and implement trends quickly with customized code.

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