CS: GO has a new update which makes players buy CSGO hacks


Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most competitive games in today’s world. There is a reason players often opt to buy CSGO hacks for the game. The only reason for that is that they want to get to the top as easy and swift as possible. The game does not entertain choosing to buy CSGO hacks. But they Valve is somewhat positive to buy CSGO accounts.

In order to rake up the reputation and daily player logins, Valve introduced some minor changes to the latest update for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This article deals with all information about the latest CS: GO update.

CS: GO update has a surprise for everyone

The patch has introduced a few features which make all CS: GO errs dive into the thrill of the game. Although Valve has taken security measures to get rid of such players, they keep coming back. The best way to deal with such players if to purchase CSGO accounts. With the help of CSGO accounts, players can battle with and against similarly skilled players.

Coming to the update, the latest CS: GO update includes the ability to boost teammates in Casual game modes and newly updated character models on certain maps. These features might not be as interesting as previous CS: GO updates, but they are still intriguing enough.

The biggest change is the update of FBI character models to use on Office, Nuke and Agency. This might be available only on few maps but are good enough to make players play on the CT-side.

Other noticeable changes


–MP5-SD is enabled in Competitive Matchmaking.

– New FBI character models are available at Office, Nuke, and Agency.

– Players can now stand on top of teammates and allow to walk through them. The feature is available in official Flying Scotsman, Demolition, and Casual game modes.


– 2018 Nuke and Inferno collection now available as rank-up drops.

– The Beartooth Music Kit is fixed to respect the MVP music volume.

– The Mac-10 and SSG 08 alpha channels are updated in the new 2018 Inferno collection.

– The audio device configuration is fixed.



– Windows are fully breakable now.

– Tweaked lighting in CT spawn.

– The openings by truck in the garage and CT spawn are widened.

– The snowman’s hat now falls when got shot in the snow-head.

– Graphical glitches are fixed.

– Smoothed out movement on stairs.

– Some furniture are moved in T spawn.


– The CT team is changed to FBI

– The corridor leading to ramp room from T side slightly are wider.

– The doors connected to trophy room are moved slightly.


– Grenade can now collide with the ceiling of heaven in A site.

– The angled pieces on bombtrain in A site are removed.

– The player collisions on bombtrain in A site are improved.

All these latest features can make players run to buy CSGO ranked accounts so that they can take on the bests. Players opting to buy CSGO account can search the internet for authorized online shops to buy CSGO accounts.

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