4 Essentials to Recognize Before Confirming a Rent Agreement


While you are taking a rent in then you must check out the essentials before confirming the agreement of the rent. You might know that how stressful in finding the perfect Apartment for rent and while you will not prefer to go to any kind of blind agreement where you might get into the loss. 

There are few things which you can take a look on it before getting into any sort of agreement and you have every right to raise the concern because you have that right to ask. Just like us, we are from Bristol and we were also looking for a Bristol lettings company to let a house we had in Bristol and found The Letting Game who have just been wonderful, so we highly recommend them.

Let’s also check out the essentials before confirming the rent agreement. 

Type of the Contract

Before getting into any sort of contract of rental you must read the type of the contract which will help you a lot to understand about the house and its contract. Mainly there are two main types of the rental homes which are offered to the group of students for the rentals. 

The one is joint tendency agreement and the other one is individual contract and the tendency contract is an agreement which holds the responsibility for the property with the group of people and while the other one is only a contract between the tenant and the landlord. Your landlord will be responsible for ensuring your property is free from any issues of disrepair.

Understand the Small Prints

The contracts which are generally long and the most boring one to study and the long essays look the appealing. But the more fool you will become if you avoid reading the small prints and while making an effort for reading the small print can help you to keep safe in lot of agreements in the coming future. 

So it’s better to go in deep of checking out the small prints of the contract paper which will help you a lot. You must check out the start date and the end date of the rental agreements of the Apartment for rent in India. 

Check Out the Schemes of Deposits

The most overlooked aspects while looking at the tenancy agreement is the deposit. Deposits are usually amounted to the on month’s rent and that are collected to the prior to the commencing the tenancy and in case of the damage and the late rent of the property during the stay. 

For the students the apartments for rent in India has made the important things while you are making the deposit to the contractor and staying safe while you live there.


The most student landlords will require the each and every student to have the guarantors who will take the guarantee of that person specially the parents do take the guarantee of the students and takes the responsibility of paying the rent in a very worst condition. The owners of the apartment for rent in India allow the guarantors to be present while the contract is being created and they must sign as a guarantor for that person. Mainly the parents become the guarantor of the students because they only pays the rent of them.

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