Why a Senior Data Scientist Should Get Certified


Data is big and getting bigger all the time, and so is data analytics! Across the world, the revenues for big data software and services are expected to go up at a CAGR of 10.48% – from USD 42 billion in 2018 all the way to USD 103 billion in 2022.

Big data is proving to be a useful source of valuable insights and data-driven decision-making. With companies realizing this, there is huge demand for senior data analysts who can:

  • Define and manage big data
  • Spot opportunities to use it for the organization
  • Uncover valuable insights and facilitate informed decisions

From predicting the likely rate of employee attrition to planning airplane routes and analyzing the need for preventive plant maintenance as well as tailoring retail offerings to the unique needs of different customers, there are many uses for the work of senior data scientists.

For a successful career as a big data scientist, a young professional needs the following:

  • An aptitude for numbers, statistical analysis, logical reasoning and more
  • Competence with the latest tools and technologies of big data and data analytics
  • The right academic qualifications
  • Work experience

As far as academics are concerned, it is advisable to have a degree in mathematics, statistics, or allied disciplines. Along with this, candidates are increasingly choosing to get a data analytics certification. The following are the advantages of becoming a certified senior data scientist:

Staying up to pace with industry trends

A certification keeps the candidate informed of the latest happenings and knowhow in the field of data analytics. On-the-job learning is limited by definition to a particular industry or a particular part of the analytics process. A certification, though, helps to learn something new from a number of different sources and expand the knowledge base, something a working professional may find hard to do otherwise. This ensures the candidate becomes a valuable asset to the employer.

Better opportunities to pick a role of choice

A certification improves the chance of getting hired as a senior data analyst or for any role desired. A Microsoft study suggested that 91% of hiring managers confirmed the importance of certification in candidate selection. A respected certification helps the candidate stand out and opens up many job opportunities, such as:

  • Data analyst: Draw insights that directly impact day-to-day business decisions
  • Business intelligence analyst: Analyze data to understand business and market trends, and better understand the position of the company.  That person can undergo training like that Microsoft Power BI training course.
  • Data visualizer: Create weekly dashboards to share results with management
  • Data and analytics manager: Lead and give direction to data science team through leadership and social skills along with strong technical skills in MS Excel, Python, R, SAS, and SQL, among others

Eligibility across domains

A variety of industries find use for big data scientists. From ecommerce and entertainment to finance, healthcare, and retail, many industries leverage data analytics to improve decision-making and boost growth. And given that the skills learnt in one industry are easily transferable to another, a candidate can always explore opportunities in different industries in the future.

Chances of higher salaries

Money being one of the important factors in a career decision, it is true that a data analytics career is attractive because of the lucrative salaries that tend to surpass national averages. suggests that a data analyst could earn an annual salary of USD 58,522, while someone who has grown to the role of a data scientist could earn USD 139,840.

Validation of skills, passion, and motivation

A certification from a respected institution is irrefutable proof of the candidate possessing the right skills for the job. It also shows an employer that the person takes the career seriously and looks for opportunities to learn and grow, along with hands-on experience on actual projects.

Lower investment of time and money

As compared to most degrees, a certification costs less, and can also be completed in a significantly shorter time frame. It also offers more practical training than typical of general academics.

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