Top Certification Bodies for Certified HR Professionals in Asia


A career in human resources (HR) is an attractive proposition for a number of reasons. The backbone of the operations of every company are its people, the most valuable resource there is. Automation has changed things, but even in a company where a large part of the work is done by machines or robots, there always remain roles that can be handled only by humans. People will thus always be needed, and likewise HR to manage them.

It is thus no surprise that many young professionals pick the HR path. And given the requirement for talented people in the HR domain, a number of career aspirants are choosing to add to their academic qualifications and other credentials by becoming certified HR professionals.

The following are the reasons that make online HR certification courses in Asia a great choice:

  • A result-oriented approach at work due to skill enhancement
  • A higher level of trust and skill acceptability with particular and challenging tasks
  • Improved on-the-job performance compared to non-certified counterparts in the organization and the industry
  • Encourages the professional to introduce new, proven  practices in the organization
  • Conformance to industry standards and making these more acceptable in the organization
  • Higher salaries than non-certified counterparts
  • Better job offers and chances to move up due to specialized skills

A number of institutions and bodies offer some great online HR certification courses in Asia. Some of the best ones are as below:

Australian HR Institute

The Australian HR Institute (AHRI) is a national association comprising 20,000 people management and HR professionals from around the world. It offers the AHRI Practicing Certification Program (APC), a unique HR certification program founded on some of the most advanced standards and demands of the industry. This program takes into account recent technological and industrial developments molding the market dynamics to help certified HR professionals grow their careers in leaps and bounds.

AHRI membership offers a number of benefits to professionals. They stand to gain HR support, a wide professional reach, and a growing network of the best HR professionals from around the talent management world. Along with this, AHRI holds a variety of conferences and seminars, which also offer concomitant networking opportunities. It also commemorates the excellence in HR practices across Australia through the conferring of AHRI Awards.

AHRI is a proud member of the World Federation of People Management Association and Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resources Management.

Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management

The Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM) was established as the first professional body in Malaysia promoting the practice of HR management. Its aim is to lead in the development and promotion of good practices in the field of human resource management and development.

MIHRM offers a set of 10 certification programs covering different aspects and for professionals at different levels in HR management. Through its online HR certification courses in Asia, it has trained over 20,000 HR practitioners and professionals from both the public and the private sectors. It offers a wide array of professional training courses, public programs, consultation, and support for individuals and organizations.

Aside from this, MIHRM recognizes contributions and achievements by HR leaders and companies through awards and recognition. It also provides soft skills and competency training to develop HR leadership bench strength, collaborates with universities to further enhance the quality of HR programs and graduates, and offers HR consultation and support services to engineer business excellence.

Talent Management Institute

The Talent Management Institute (TMI)offers a set of standards, credentials and knowledge that lead the revolution in the way organizations leverage their human capital for enduring success. TMI seeks to make the emerging discipline of talent management the new engine to take organizations into the future, and offers some of the best talent management certifications toward this endeavor.

TMI standards and credentials help CHROs and HR business partners embrace talent management as a functional practice within the fabric of HR and assist organizations in enhancing their next round of growth through talent and human capital. These are based on a robust framework of knowledge derived through years of comprehensive studies on the dynamics of talent and human capital in business and management globally.

TMI also collaborates with the Wharton Institute to offer the TMI-Wharton programs, blending the knowledge expertise of both institutions to offer an unprecedented opportunity to learn the art and science of Talent Management. With a total of five programs for those seeking to become certified HR professionals is a great choice for high-achieving HR professionals, CHROs, international leaders, consultants, and academics in human capital management.

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) originally began as the Association of Welfare Workers in 1913. Presently, it has a global community of over 150,000 members. Its research and expertise lend it the abilities to set professional standards and impart knowledge and insights to HR professionals. It offers five online HR certification courses in Asia, at the Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.

CIPD has hubs in the UK, Ireland, Middle East and Asia, and is the only body in the world that can award Chartered status to individual HR and L&D professionals. It also conducts independent research and insights, and is a trusted adviser to employers and governments.

For its work with organizations around the world, CIPD offers an HR Diagnostic Service as well as tailored in-house training and CIPD qualifications. It also provides career advice, guidance, and supportto improve capability and practice in HR and L&D.

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