Spot a Difference Between Fake and Original Cartier Love Bracelets


The world has turned into a more challenging place to survive in for the increasing number of frauds these days. The dishonest professionals in business often cheat the customers with fake jewellery that is not worth the price.

If you plan to buy a Cartier Love Bracelet for yourself or your near and dear ones, you should be aware of the frauds taking place around you.

The following article will help you find out the difference between a fake and an original Cartier bracelet for making the right choice.

Differentiate Among Fake and Original 

Here are a few points which you must look for in a Cartier love bracelet for authentication. 

  • Stamps:

One of the essential things that every company prioritizes is the original stamp on the product. When you buy a Cartier bracelet, you should look for the Cartier stamp in the first place.

The original logo remains nicely curved out with each of the alphabets clear. If you cannot find the Cartier stamp in a Cartier bracelet, you are probably looking at a fake bracelet.

If you find the Cartier mark by any chance but do not find it clear enough or faded, then the possibilities are that the product is fake.

All the Cartier bracelets are of gold metal of 18k composition. The Cartier bracelets come with either an 18k hallmark stamp or a “750” stamp. Sometimes you might even find both on the original one.

If you see neither of the symbols, then the bracelet is fake.

  • Cost:

The authentic Cartier bracelets range between $4000 and $40,000. If you are looking at a Cartier bracelet with a price tag of less than $4000, then the possibilities are that the product is unreal.

You should not fall for Cartier bracelets with low price ranges as in that way; you would get cheated with bronze metal Bracelets which would lose their colour and shine soon.

Possibilities are that the gems or diamonds fitted on the Cartier bracelets are also fake imitation stones. 

  • Colour:

Another easy way to find out if the Cartier bracelet is original or fake is by judging the product’s color. When you purchase an authentic Cartier bracelet, you will notice the actual golden color regardless of the material, rose gold, yellow or white gold.

But while investing in a Cartier bracelet, if you see the colour to be something more than gold, like somewhat chrome or brassy, it is probably a fake Cartier bracelet. 

  • The lock:

An original Cartier love bracelet has got a screw closure. If you find a Cartier bracelet with a screw closure, look for the stamp in the metal bracelet first.

When you find it, look for the same symbol on the screw then. If the screw stamp and the bracelet stamp turn out to be identical, you will probably make the right choice.

  • Return Policy:

An original Cartier bracelet always comes with clear, straightforward return policies for such heavy investments. But if you find your Cartier bracelets’ return policies somewhat complicated, then consider the bracelets fake.

The above article consists of several points that can help you differentiate between fake and original Cartier bracelets. 

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