10 Must-Have Fashion Accessories That Make you the Talk of the Town


Accessories are the easiest way to elevate your style game. There is something so powerful about the right kind of accessories that can dress up an everyday outfit into something special. 

What makes them even more impressive is that you need not invest a fortune in them—fashionable and easy on the pocket; who could possibly complain about that? Switch up your accessories to customize your outfits every time. 

If you wish to be the talk of the town, you need these ten must-have fashion accessories in your arsenal. 

  1. Chunky Boots

Chunky boots have slowly become a staple in every fashionista’s arsenal. Not only are they super fun and chic, but they are also very functional and comfortable. Whether you opt for statement combat boots or something more minimal like a chunky ankle boot, you can guarantee the maximum versatility out of them. 

Choose a flat-footed pair, one with a low heel, or perhaps a platform to make it suitable for everyday wear. You can style your chunky boots with anything from a pair of jeans and an everyday tee to a dress. You can wear them just about anywhere too. A lunch date with friends, a night at the club, or a walk in the park with a special someone; boots work anytime, anywhere. 

Simple yet edgy, chunky boots exude a badass and grungy aura, and we are here for it. 

  1. Bucket Hats

Bucket hats were never considered high fashion until now. Sure, sun protection is great but looking chic while doing so is a bonus. Bucket hats are easy to style, simple and fuss-free. You can style them over athleisure or an everyday pair of jeans, a tee, and a custom leather jacket. Opt for a neutral and versatile pick or something more outgoing and bold like a vibrant colored or printed number. 

  1. Color Sunglasses Frames

Colored sunglasses were the hot thing back in the 2000s. Well, they are back, and they are more beautiful than ever. The recent trend is all about colored sunglasses, small and big. Opt for a vibrant-looking frame or a colored tint to your lens and add instant drama to your ensemble. 

The pop of color not only sparks interest in your outfit but also gives it a fun aura. Protect yourself from the sun and look fashionable while you are doing it; that is the goal. 

  1. Bucket Bags

Bucket bags made their comeback on the runway a while back, and honestly, we are obsessed. What’s not to love about a good old bucket bag? Not only is it compact, but it is also spacious enough to house all your everyday must-haves in one place. This chic and elegant bag is everything but basic. Moreover, you can choose from an array of stunning options ranging from everyday casual to fancy formal. 

What makes a bucket bag special, unlike any other bag, is its design. A bucket bag is memorable. If you carry one with you, people will look and ask where you got it from. Therefore, if you wish to invest in a bucket bag that will last you decades, we guarantee that the splurge will be worth it. This way, your bag will become a timeless accessory. 

Opt for something simple and minimal or something more outgoing and fun; we side with the latter. Style your statement bucket bag with any outfit and turn it into a real head-turner.

  1. Statement Large Chain Necklaces

All of our collective Instagram feeds have been flooded with large chain necklaces as of late. Statement chunky chain necklaces were a fun trend back in the 90s, and now they are back, better and more beautiful than ever. Chic and elegant yet also bold and edgy, you cannot keep your eyes off them. The hot must-have accessory of the year, chunky large chain necklaces may seem intimidating to many, but they are surprisingly versatile. 

You can choose to play with the size of your chain. While some prefer a daintier chain, others like to go all out with thick, chunkier picks. Throw one over any ensemble and take it to the next level in a heartbeat. Take a chic everyday turtleneck, for instance. Throw a blazer on top. Add some much-needed bling to your look with a statement chain necklace, matching studs, and perhaps a complementing bracelet to tie the whole look together. Voila! You can now sport that outfit to formal and semiformal settings. If not for fashion, do it for the ‘gram; you have to. 

  1. Hoop Earrings

Much like large chain necklaces, another hit accessory making waves all over Instagram are hoops. Now, hoops have always been in style, but the recent trend has been all about chunky gold hoops. They are minimal and understated yet bold and beautiful. When you wear them, you can see them; that is what an accessory is all about. Breathe life into a basic outfit with antique earrings Sydney. No matter how simple or how bold, hoops always tie the whole look together. 

  1. Soft Clutches

Bottega Veneta took the world by storm when they first introduced soft clutches. This plush and oversized bag soon became the season’s favorite must-have bag, and rightly so. Not only are soft clutches super versatile and easy to carry, but they are also very spacious, so you need not worry about not having enough space in there. 

Opt for a neutral-toned number such as black, tan, or white, or play with colors like pink, red, and green. Regardless of your pick, soft clutches always look fantastic. Wear them to a casual setting or a formal one; you would be surprised how functional this thing is. We think it’s a great pair with casual HOCO dresses. Also, who has ever complained about carrying a plushy? 

  1. Square Toe Strappy Sandals

If there is a pair of shoes that has stood the test of time, it is a pair of sandals. Sandals just work with anything and everything. They are the ultimate reliable shoe. Even if you do not have anything to wear, you at least have a sandal. 

This year’s hot trend steps away from the conventional cuts. Introducing square toe strappy sandals: simple and elegant yet chic and unique, this innovative new twist on the classic flatters one and flatters all. Much like any pair of sandals, these sandals elongate the legs and create a more streamlined silhouette. 

Wear your square toe strappy sandals with anything from pants to skirts. You can experiment with different colors or, better yet, invest in multiple neutral-toned pieces to complement an array of outfits. If you are looking for everyday pair of sandals, try square toe strappy sandals with block heels. Comfy, chic, and all things fantastic, wearing heels has never been easier. 

  1. Wide Waist Belts

Belts tie every outfit together, literally. They are elegant, chic, and simple. Moreover, they are super versatile. Wear one on the middle of your waist for a cinched look. Wear one just underneath your bust for a peplum cut. You can wear them anything from a suit to a dress; such is the versatility and functionality of a belt. 

The recent trend is all for wide chunky waist belts. Sure, skinny belts are nice but chunky belts pack on a punch unlike any other. Opt for a minimal leather strap piece and switch things up with a chunky buckle or go all out with a larger than life statement wide waist belt with embellishments and more. Belts add character and definition to your look; that is never a bad thing. 

  1. Padded Headbands 

Blair Waldorf was the original poster girl for padded headbands. She pulled them off so effortlessly. Thankfully, padded headbands have made a comeback. A headband and fashion accessory in one, padded headbands give an immaculate and sleek look to your ensemble. You may opt for a simple piece or one with a sprinkling of bling to make it all the more special. Styling your hair has never been easier. 

  • Parting thoughts

Accessory trends change by the minute. Today it is hoops; tomorrow, it is stud earrings. Amid ever-changing trends, find your style preference and stick to it. Opt for accessories that you vibe with and customize them as per your personal taste. We promise you, these must-have accessories will take your style game to the next level.

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