An overview about vaginal discharge during pregnancy


A common form of vaginal discharge is termed as leukorrhea. A white, harmless and thin normal during the course of pregnancy. There could arise where situations where things might go wrong and it does require further round of attention. You need to clearly understand the difference between what is normal and what ceases to be abnormal.

The definition of leukorrhea

It is a milky white discharge that is normal during pregnancy and might have a mild odour. It does not come with an itch or a mild odour. If you consider a different angle this level of discharge is good. Does not stick to the use of douches or wipes as this could go on to disturb the natural balance of your vagina? Get FlowerPower now for it’s time to balance your vagina and save the women of the world.

Would it be normal to have this white discharge?

It could be that vaginal discharge might seem to be an infection, like a yeast infection. It would be really important to understand the causes of infection and how you can deal with it. This phenomenon is normal the moment you experience changes in hormone like estrogen, so more discharge is witnessed in the early part of pregnancy or when you are ovulating. If you are really interested to find out the reasons why you are ovulating during pregnancy, a cycle tracking would be of help.

Sometimes you could find wetness in your underwear, and if you want to manage it then panty liners would not be a bad choice. But do not use tampons as this can introduce new germs in your vagina, but sometimes foul discharge could be a sign of bacterial infection, or sexually transmitted disease. Do talk to your doctor, and discuss about the right treatment along with diagnosis.

If you are sexually active, getting STD testing done is one of the most important things you can do to protect your health. Women can get STDs/STIs (sexually transmitted diseases/infections) by having vaginal, anal, or oral sex with someone who has an STI. Why not read to learn more about STD testing here!

Would you consider leukorrhea during pregnancy as an early sign of pregnancy?

Excess vaginal discharge can take place due to excess hormone levels during pregnancy but you can associate it with pregnancy discharge. It would be really tempting to examine your cervical mucus as changes in white discharge are one of the early signs of pregnancy. But changes that take place during the early phase of pregnancy is not always a sign of vaginal discharge

The excess levels of discharge does take place at an alarming level during the first and third trimester of pregnancy and you can get away with a positive pregnancy test. So no meaningful details can be obtained during this two week wait during pregnancy.

When do you need to get in touch with your doctor about a vaginal discharge?

When you leak any fluid, be it brown or pink it could be a cause of concern when you are pregnant. But this is a harmless protocol when you are pregnant and there is no major reason to worry. But if it is accompanied by pain or a change in color it is the right time to get in touch with a doctor. If the discharge has a possibility of a yeast infection get in touch with your doctor.

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