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Blockchain technology allows users to spread public ledgers that keep immutable data in an encrypted and secure way in order to guarantee that transactions can never be changed. The most common examples of blockchain usage are bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, like those monitored by the best crypto trading bot. Distributed ledger technology is considered one of the uses of blockchain other uses are real estate, asset management, financial transactions, data storage and many more.

I had a pleasant interview with Rene McIver. She is a chief security officer of secure key technologies. She is called to be a woman of blockchain because she have18 years’ experience of in the field of cryptography, privacy, biometric technology, identity management and information technology. She is a leading and famous personality in her fields. She holds a master degree in mathematics Combinatorics and Optimization from Waterloo University, Canada. Her aim to develop a secure key ID service that is her upcoming blockchain based platform. She works hard to implement best practices in blockchain as well as assure that secure key development is acquiescent with severe governing requirements that promote privacy.

According to the Rene McIver, the simple recipe for success is eating healthily and stay active. When you were healthy and strong then you have more energy and confidence to accomplished career goals and objectives.

The backstory of Rene McIver:

She lived in a small village in Canada Nova Scotia. In high school, her favourite subjects are physics and math. She wants to become a child psychologist so she starts taking psychology as a major from Mount Saint Vincent University. After getting enrolled in psychology courses she was feeling a lack of interest in it. At the same time she was getting enrolled in calculus class and read the magazine about female cryptographer both to thing hooked her and she switches her program start studying math as a major. After graduating from university she got the job as a fingerprint verification where she first started coding cryptographic algorithms. This job dominating me and boost my career in the field of information security officer. After this job, she starts working with Route 1 as a chief information security officer here the remarkable work of Rene McIver was launching a secure browser from a USB token.

After that she joint the company SecureKey’s of Greg Wolfond. The company provides federated identity protection facility. She was designated as here a chief security officer.

Interesting projects Rene McIver are working;

Currently, the team of SecureKey developing blockchain based, user-facing digital identity network that is known as Verified.Me first time in the history of blockchain and security. This is a new technology for users to securely and privately verify their identity through different online services. With the help of this technology personal information of every user always be in control and acknowledge where, when and why the personal information is shared. This is a great project of that time where users desperately want such data protection and security solution.

In the development of Verified.Me technology she combines the number of utility component such as privacy, security, response and fraud monitoring features. She has been stated that it is an amazing experience through working and collaborative with the different financial institute to get the better understanding of how we can protect users from any kind of fraud. The privacy that they built in Verified.Me technology is following the privacy regulation, standards from the national institute of standards.

Five things that most excite Rene McIver about blockchain and crypto? Why?

  • Confidentiality and integrity: one of the most important thing that blockchain and cryptography featured is fulfilling confidentiality and integrity requirements. As the SecureKey is the founder of an identity network that is based on blockchain hyper ledger fabric. Cryptography is a powerful technology that helps to protect user personal information.
  • Its ability to facilitate the real-time and secure sharing of personal information: she said that we are working with SecureKey team in order to provide the safe and secure method where users can easily be shared their personal data. She said that privacy goal will not be achieved without blockchain technology.
  • End-to-end encryption and user privacy: the development of Hyperledger Fabric allow individual users to share their data on the network without discovering data from the network operator side. The blockchain contains a cryptographic algorithm that encrypted the data from end to end side. This is very vital related to blockchain that they secure data from end to end encryption.
  • Protecting data without creating honeypots: the personal information of users is fully secure while transferring via a distributed network. The network will never create another honeypot of personal information that would decrease the risk of cyber-attack.
  • Protection from DDoS attacks: blockchain facilitate to develop distributed network through various nodes, this will enhance the protection from DDoS attack on service.

Things that worry Rene McIver about blockchain and crypto? Why?

  • Lack of education on blockchain versus cryptocurrency.

Many people still do not the separate or fully understanding use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, people usually associate both with each other. She said that SecureKey neither used cryptocurrency nor ICO they basically used strong cryptography to enhance security and privacy claims.

  • Understanding its limits.

Blockchain require more period of time to completely occupy or make its position strong in the business world.

  • Developing proper standards.

All the distributed network that use blockchain for connection points required to design based on the universal standard from the very beginning. It is somehow difficult to connect the endpoint in a secure way.

  • Adhering to governance frameworks.

It is vital for users who develop the network on blockchain has to follow the governance framework so that integrity is maintained in the network. She said that what SecureKey is doing, they develop a digital identity system for service hosts. Data consumer and data provider is the right of users to handle where, why and with whom data is shared.

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