Are The Floor Choices Disturbing Your Home Improvement Budget?


Your choices are abundant, but your budget is limited. You cannot afford to stretch to an extravagant length during your home renovations.

A housewife or not, employed or not, you decide an amount for each area in your home that needs improvement. When you actually start carrying out the plan, suddenly losing the job comes as a surprise and you are forced to extend the planned amount. You either use your savings or rely on loans for unemployed.

But that is it. Even your savings and your loan amount have a limit. Therefore, it is smarter to make wise choices and prefer less expensive options. It is always beneficial to stay within your financial boundaries and to know your affordability.

Talking about floor choices, you have

  • vitrified tiles,
  • marble,
  • stone,
  • and wooden floorings.

Each option has a unique finish, look, durability and cost. There are tens of factors to be considered before putting your finger on one.

The biggest constraint is going to be your budget. After calculating the area you wish to cover, you will have to consider the cost of each option available to you. Only then will you be able to narrow your choices down to one or two.

Next, you should be aware that not all room types support the same type of floor. While bathroom and kitchen floors need to be highly water resistant, the floor of the hall must be durable and easy to clean. Similarly, the living space flooring should keep you warm enough, and the floors of the utility room should be resistant to stains.

The Marble Factor

Marble is a limestone that reflects magnificence and sophistication. It adds a sense of luxury and class to a room.

With regular maintenance and proper care, a marble floor can easily serve 25 years in your house. It is not prone to breakage. Even after a long time, you would feel the same royal aura in the room you place it in.

Vitrified Tiles

These easy to clean and water resistant tiles are a perfect option for places that are regularly exposed to water. A little wiping makes them look as good as new.

These are extremely durable and stay intact even after heavy use. Even if they break due to some unavoidable reason, they can easily be replaced and would not incur much cost.

Porcelain Tiles

Ideal for bathroom floors, these tiles withstand temperature fluctuations and high level of moisture. They are resistant to stains and non-slippery too.

These are available in various patterns, sizes and colours. You can even choose your own choice of finish of the top layer. Porcelain tiles are the most preferred option for bathroom tiling by the people.

Wooden Flooring

If you love walking around bare feet in your home, this is the best choice for you. You will love walking around on a wooden floor.

They are very easy to clean (you can just use a mop) and provide warmth to the room too. You would love being in your living room if you in fact decide on getting wooden floors there.

Natural Stone

Have you seen patterned floors that just look marvellous when you enter? Floors laid out in natural stone have a unique look that is only experienced when you look and walk on them.

Beautiful mandalas, geometric patterns or even parts of natural art can be chosen in the pattern of a stone floor. They are easy to maintain and have a long life. If you lay a floor of stone correctly in the first place, you would love your decision everytime you walk through that door.

Though this choice might lead you to upgrade your budget a little, but isn’t that why direct lenders UK are there for? Take a short-term loan and fulfil your wish of turning your home into a palace. It is not every day that home renovations take place.


Now you know that even after the money constraint, there are many other factors that determine which type of floor would suit your needs the best.

Analyse what you can afford, study the area that you need to get floored and then decide from the options available to you. A hasty decision might cost you monetary loss.

Description: Home improvements take place in every UK household once in a decade or less. That makes it important to make the right choices, in terms of money, maintenance and durability.

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