Linen Vs Cotton: What Makes the Best Summer Shirt? 



You might have newly come across the thought for investment in men’s shirt having linen fabric. Many of the people suffer with same question to choose between the cotton or linen shirts. It is very important to prioritize the better material this summer rather than sticking to same fabric. Which one is better among cotton or linen when it comes to summer days? Well, to know this answer sit a side and consider all comparison to know which one proves best. 

Choose for the right material which compliments weather of summer 

Upcoming months with heat waves give a single to wrap up more styling options. Also, the weather would stay same for quite a long time. Therefore it is important to invest in the fabric which gives you a cooler experience in this scorching sunlight. Many of the people are now switching over the linen from cotton fabric option. It would definitely prove a worth option for staying cooler. 

It is big debate between people to choose between linen and cotton options. Some of them incline towards cotton while others vote for linen. To solve this, you should consider the benefits offered from both the materials and then decide which proves best. 

Benefits to Linen in Summer 

Are you one among voting for the linen and decided to invest in the same? Have you ever though the reason for choosing the linen fabric shirts? Here are some of the reasons which might help you to know why your investment proves worth. 

1. Hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties 

Yellow formal shirts for men in linen fabric have proven hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties. Many of the people suffer from natural skin allergies against certain fabrics. It is due to treating of these fabric as foreign antigen attacking the skin cells. Therefore, the skin shows symptoms like rashes, hives, patches etc against such allergies. 

Such responses are generated when immune system of body fight against antigen. But you don’t need to worry as linen fabric provides hypoallergenic benefits. It simply means it wont react with your skin to develop any allergies. 

Due to accumulation of sweat there is possibility to get a bacterial growth. It would result in skin infection, body odor and more. Linen shirts have the anti-bacterial property which kills bacteria and stop it spreading further. Hence, it proves best to resist against some air borne diseases from bacteria. 

2. Highly breathable material 

The breathability of linen fabric is measured through the RET test. According to this test a fabric should score low to prove more breathable. You would glad to know that linen has scored the lowest in the RET test as compared to all other fabrics. It means the fabric would easily allow the passing of sweat from body keeping you cooler in summer days. 

3. Proves as a sustainable choice 

Linen fabric is naturally derived material from the flax plant. It needs comparatively lesser resources for its manufacturing. Also, the flax plants doesn’t require the fertile soil to grow. Hence, it won’t interrupt the food producing plants for fertile land. Even flax plants can grown on the polluted soil as a part of bioremediation process. Hence, everyone can switch to this option for a sustainable environment. 

Benefits of cotton in summer 

There are many of the people inclined still for the cotton shirts. Lets tackle out benefits offered from the cotton fabric. 

1. Powerful absorbing properties 

Surely, the sweating comes as a part of summer days. Cotton has a high power for the absorption. Hence, it will help a person to get a cooling effect when comes to sunny days. 

2. Safer from fungal growth 

The cotton fabric helps a person to retard the fungal growth and also from other microorganisms. If you one among the person having sensitive skin then move with cotton. 

3. Natural cooling property 

The cotton gives protection from harsh sunny days. It provides a better air circulation and prove as a natural cooling property. 

Is cotton only available fabric choice to wear in summer? 

People have different options for opinion when it comes to summer options. Most of people choose linen shirts while others with cotton. Yes, cotton is a good choice for more sweaty people. But you can definitely find linen cotton fabric shirts adding more value. 

Linen vs cotton: Which is more sustainable option? 

Linen is more sustainable option as compared to cotton. It is because of the production of linen from flax plant which prove more sustainable options. Due to its high benefits as compared to cotton people have inclined towards linen. 

Where to find the best option for Linen? 

You can find different variety of options for linen shirts at Here you can order for best quality of linen shirts landed at your place to create a classy look. Also, investing in linen shirt can help to create a pollution free environment. Why don’t you invest in such options? 


Linen cotton shirts are the best option for the summer days. You can definitely choose it over the cotton fabric and yet feel cozy these summer. 

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