What Does a Personal Stylist Do?


A personal stylist is a professional who knows the best and latest fashion, make-up, and color trends. However, most people think personal, and wardrobe stylists are the same. If you don’t know yet, a personal stylist works alone with a client, while a wardrobe stylist select clothes for television campaigns, music videos, concert performances, and public appearances alongside a team. Alayne Joy is a personal stylist in Calgary and LOVES working with people. She explains what a personal stylist is and gives you some insights into her work and her clients.

Personal Stylists Online

A personal stylist primarily focuses on the individual’s fashion style instead of particular brand sponsorship. Nowadays, a personal style curated by real stylists is available online. You don’t have to spend hours in shopping malls since they will deliver your clothes straight to your doorstep. You can visit a reliable stylist’s website or contact a fashion executive search firm and inquire for free if you don’t have any idea how it works.  

If you don’t know yet, these stylists will allow you to choose your style, size, and price preferences, making it more convenient. After providing your preferred designs, a stylist will select some pieces that meet your requirements. You are sure to get the best value for your money since a personal style curated by real stylists is sure to grab people’s attention.  

So, today, we will share some details about the job of a personal stylist. Whether you want to know some fashion tips or image consultancy, a personal stylist can help you out.

What Does A Personal Stylist Do?

Are you tired of recycling your go-to outfits regularly? Do you want to try something new that goes well with your favorite Black Skinny Jeans Women? Then, why not consult a personal stylist? 

Nonetheless, what can a personal stylist do? Can she assist you with make-up choices? So, if you want to know the skills of a personal stylist, you have come to the right place!

A personal stylist is an expert when it comes to the best fashion trends. She conducts independent research on current and emerging fashion and make-up styles.  

Here are some of the skills of a personal stylist:

  • Determines and improves the client’s current fashion style and making appropriate enhancements
  • Understands the client’s taste and needs and make relevant suggestions, advice, and purchases
  • Watches fashion shows and conducts in-depth research to ensure she’s updated with the latest themes and trends
  • Assists clients with wardrobe arrangement
  • Travels to meet clients and arriving at their agreed locations
  • Makes clothing, make-up, and hairstyles suitable for the client’s body and skin type
  • Consults other professionals whenever needed


Personal stylists can help us achieve our desired looks. They can identify our taste and tailor outfits that will look good on our body types. Although these stylists are often associated with famous personalities, everyone from all walks of life can use their services.

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