5 Best Lehengas Styles to Glitter Your Wedding


Lehengas cannot be kept away, especially from Indian weddings. Most women wear a Lehenga for every event they go to. The craze for designer lehengas will never fade away. Irrespective of the state, every wedding has women wearing Lehengas and it shows their elegance. Lehengas are perfect for wedding rituals as well. Every woman would love to fill their wardrobe with a lot more lehengas than any other dress. Buy designer lehengas online from the best shopping portals like Hatkay and showcase your fashion in style and be an inspiration to every woman.

5 Lehengas Styles for Your Wedding

1. A-line Lehengas – When you talk about them you need to talk about class meeting style. You will look elegant in multi-colours. Get a designer lehenga with lots of embroidery work on it to enhance your looks even more on your wedding day. Choose fabric such as Georgette and Net. This lehenga will be tight at the waist and will be broader at the bottom. People get stunned looking at your dress in the wedding because every A-line Lehenga has amazing patterns.

2. Lehenga Choli Lehenga Choli always wins people’s choice award! It is the best outfit that you can have for your wedding. Bridal lehenga cholis come in a range of styles and shades. If you are looking for a subtle look for your D-day, go for Lehenga choli without any second thoughts.

3. Lehenga Saree – Lehenga Saree is one of the best dresses that you can wear on a wedding day for this store is everything about indian outfits. It looks modern and at the same time retains Indian ethnic values. It has a blend of trendy saree and a classy lehenga and gives you a stunning look. Nothing can beat the classy style that you get by wearing a lehenga saree. Select a great colour and you are good to amaze everyone at your wedding.

4. Fish cut Lehenga – Fish cut Lehenga has become quite popular now. It is also known as the mermaid Lehenga. They have tapered shape and are fitted till the knee and will be opening up at the bottom. Wear it and you look super stylish and trendy. Especially, if you have a slim body, fish cut lehenga goes well on you. It is most popularly known as the bridesmaid dress. For more refined options similar to this, you can take a peak at those black bridesmaid dresses.

5. Jacket Lehenga – This can be one of the perfect lehengas for your wedding. Jacket Lehenga looks simple, but it is fashionable. Jacket style lehenga has slowly gained popularity through word of mouth. Zardozi work covers the long jacket and gives you a mesmerizing look. It is too good for your reception as well. Wear it in fabrics such as silk, brocade, and with the best jewellery on you for a fab look.


Hope you have got enough insights on the types of lehengas that you can wear on your wedding day to make yourself look fabulous and graceful. Just make sure that you purchase your designer lehenga from a reputable shopping portal such as Hatkay so that you do not regret later. You can also check this website if you’re looking for a trusted wedding photographer to capture your wedding day. I hope you have a great wedding that is worth remembering!

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