How To Custom Your Dad Hat To Make It Trendy With The Times?

custom dad hats

From the earliest times, we would come across emperors, queens, and subordinates donning expensive and stylish hats. The hats were sometimes so glamorous indeed that they would highlight the entire outfit worn by the person. Often, your hat would speak for how privileged or aristocratic you were.

Hence, the fancier the hat, the higher you are in the social hierarchy. While it may not be suitable or affordable for many of us to wear such hats as worn by the Royal Family, we have definitely come across dad hats, which are easily in every shop at the nook and corner of the city where you live. 

Custom Dad hats come in various colours and styles and can be pulled off with different outfits. From a casual and chic outfit to a game night with your boys, a dad hat is what you got to make the heads turn.

Custom dad hats are one of the best ways to keep up with the times. While you can customise it by making giving it a distressed look or doing some cute embroidery, however, these are all too basic and slowly going off trend now.

To keep up with the times just like our Queen does, you have stayed with trends in recent times.

Dad Hat- A Mark Or Symbol

While custom dad hats do make the job of making your outfit more fashionable, however, in today’s time, that is not the only job it has. Custom dad hats have increasingly been used for showing support to a particular cause or a political party or candidate.

In fact, in the recent USA Presidential Elections of 2020, you would be easily able to differentiate been Joe Biden and Donald Trump supporters, with the help of the hats worn by them. Trump supporters would wear the “TRUMP 2020” dad hat while Biden supporters would wear, “BIDEN 2020” hat. 

Donald Trump himself could be seen wearing a dad hat with the famous line, “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.” This was a line from one of his speeches, which became quite prominent among him and his supporters. He set the trend, and many of his supporters could be seen wearing that.

Standing Up For A Cause

There are so many causes in the world, for which you could feel very deeply. For example, the increasing global warming and climate change, justice and equality for LGBTQ+ people, fight against animal cruelty and brutality, etc. 

Please pick up the cause that you feel deeply for and want to fight for it, and while you are at it, inspire other people and create inclusion. One of the best ways to make people feel included and encourage them is through clothes.


This generation is called the “woke generation,” who continually makes their voices heard and fights against injustice. Your clothes are just not for creating a fashion statement but also symbol for your voice in society.   

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