How To Choose Kurti According To Body Type?


Many women are up for trying trendy Indian attires these days. This is because they are comfortable and one can wear them as casual wears for regular outings. Among all the Indian attires that are available for women; kurtis are the most popular ones.

Buying kurtis online should not be a very tough job if one is very clear about their preferences. In fact, most of the online sites have a huge collection of kurtis in varieties of styles and designs. But before buying any styles one needs to keep a few things in mind because certain kurti shapes and designs suit certain type of figures.

Hourglass figure

If one has this figure it means that they have some proper curves in their body. Though this figure is rare to find but if one has them then they should flaunt it. This figure has a properly balanced upper and lower portion of the body and it also has smaller waistline. Hence any cut of kurti suits them really well. One really does not have to be specific about the cut of the kurti if they have this figure type but yes, one must go for a style which fits them well.

Apple Shape

Having this figure means one has fuller busts and a slight pump at their bully. They also have broad shoulders and toned legs along with a hip which is not entirely shaped. If one has this body type them they must select some diagonally striped kurtish which can suit them well. Printed kurtis also go really well with their bodies. If not these two varieties then one can look for straight A line jurtis aling with some high neck ones. One can pair them up with sleek churidars and high pumps so that they look really elegant.

Pear Shape

If a woman has this shape then they have heavy hips and small busts. They also do have a wide figure line. Here, one can wear a kurti style which has a front slit which comes with a little flare. This can easily cover up the broader portion of the body. One can pair them up with flat shoes and big danglers.

Rectangle Shape

This body type is very much prominent among teenage girls and hence for them it is a great idea to choose frock style kurtis. But these kurtis must have stretchable waistlines. One can pair them with cropped and straight pants to look trendy.

Inverted Triangle

Here the women have broader shoulders and smaller hips with a heavy bust. If one has this body type for them the best style is the jacket shaped kurtis. But one can also go for the straight and long kurits.

Oblong Face

This body type makes one look taller. One can go for straight cut kurits with some prints on it and one can pair them up with cigarette pants. In order to buy kurtis online one must check the varieties and designs that are available there and pick up the right style for them.

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