Scale Your Company’s Growth With a Great Company Culture


Employee engagement is the global buzzword in the business world. Not many people know how to actualize it, but almost everybody is aware of its growing importance in the workplace. Concentrating on employee engagement can help companies withstand and thrive in tough economic times.

So how exactly does employee engagement contribute to the company growth?

Let’s dive deeper. 

Employee engagement at its core is the “emotional connect” that an employee feels towards the organization that she/he is working for. It is the intrinsic motivation among the workforce to prioritize and contribute towards the success of the company. When employee engagement is high in the organization it leads to:

  1. A better understanding of the broader company goals and objectives.
  2. A deeper sense of belongingness with the company
  3. A healthier relationship among employees
  4. Enhanced employee retention
  5. Enhanced productivity

Naturally, engaged employees stick along during tough times. 

Exemplary employee engagement begins with great company culture.

Another factor contributing to the growth of a business is employer branding. 

A  great company culture builds a positive brand image, something that is extremely crucial to survive and sustain in today’s competitive market. While branding is associated with products and services, employee branding is the marketing of the company as a workplace. 

Gone are the days when employers could choose the best employees from a pool of suitable candidates. Employees now have the upper hand. The new generations in the workplace put special emphasis on the culture of the company, the work environment, perks and benefits offered and more. 

In short, nurturing a great company culture is detrimental for a healthy bottom line. 

Here are 5 ways to enhance company culture:

  1. Hire the right people: The culture begins with the people and when the people aren’t right everything else fall by the wayside. When companies hire the right people that fit-in well with culture, it’s already half the battle won. A good hire will understand company ideologies, share the same vision and work towards broader company goals.
  2. Spell out the company policies and objectives:  Alignment of the employees and the organization is crucial for a healthy culture. A company must have clear and achievable goals and objectives and these should be clearly laid out to the employees. Additionally, company policies and ideologies should also be made transparent right from the beginning. Visit to understand employment law better.
  3. Focus on robust communication: Effective Communication is the heart and soul of a growing business. In the absence of which, there can be no exchange of ideas and knowledge and no strong interpersonal relationship. A company’s internal communication practices directly impact the culture of organization. The focus now should be on creating a collaborative culture that facilitates robust communication.
  4. Elevate employee experience as a whole: Employee experience can be defined as the lifecycle of an employee, right from hiring until the day she/he leaves the company. A right culture is the one in which all these crucial stages are taken care of. Companies should now look for ways to elevate every stage of an employee lifecycle from onboarding, promotions, performance management to exit.
  5. Present a caring image: There should be the right mix of care and compassion in the culture of a company. Managers and employers must not forget that they are dealing with people and there should be an emotional connect with them. Initiatives such as unique and attractive perks, timely rewards and recognition, state-of-art digital tools, comfortable work setting, health and fitness initiatives are important to keep the balance. These are some of the greatest ways to effectively present a caring image of the company. As an additional benefit, it leads to better employer branding. 

Author Bio: Darsana Dutta works as a Content marketer at Vantage Circle – an  Employee Engagement and Benefits Platform. Darsana loves to keep herself up-to-date and share her views on the latest trends around employee engagement and human resource management.

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