How to Turn Your Home into a Quality Bed & Breakfast


A lot of homeowners have the dream of owning a bed and breakfast. However, turning that dream into a reality can be a difficult process that takes a lot of time and money. So, when your bed and breakfast opens for the first time, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve put everything in place to make it as lucrative and successful as possible. 

The bad news is that there are already a lot of bed and breakfasts out there; the good news is that there are a lot of poor-quality bed and breakfasts out there. To encourage a brisk trade, you need to ensure that yours rises above the others. To give your new place a chance of standing out, here are some essential features your establishment should have to bring those tourists in.

Have Washing Facilities

A tired, weary traveler will really appreciate the opportunity to wash and freshen up their clothes, particularly if they’re a backpacker who has packed lightly for their trip. Washing machine access isn’t a common feature for most bed and breakfasts, so adding this luxury can really make your place outshine the local competition. To find the best charlotte washer and dryer services, get in touch with Matthews Appliance for great help option!

However, you don’t want your customer’s dirty socks to end up in your own personal laundry, so to combat this, B&B Laundry Systems coin operated washing machines and dryers are a great option, as they allow you to keep everything separate. They’re quality-made washing machines that allow you to make a little extra money due to the coin-operated element. Not to mention that these machines have a 24-hour service guarantee, meaning that maintenance will be easy as pie. 

Many people are left asking what does soil level mean when looking at their machine. You need to choose the correct soil level for each wash.

Jazz up the Breakfast Menu

Every bed and breakfast and their dog are serving up eggs for their customers. Although the combination of sausage, bacon, and eggs is a popular choice, it might be a good idea to add some other breakfast items that go beyond that and offer something different that your competitors might not do. Some alternatives are eggs benedict, omelets, pancakes, and pastries, as these have the potential to wow your customers – if you have a chef that can do them justice, that is. Also, make sure to offer vegetarian and vegan options, and preferably something other than cereal, as you don’t want to make this portion of your potential clientele feel like an afterthought.

Allow Pets

So many potential travelers want to explore the world with their trusted companion by their side. When surveyed, 52% of dog owners said they’d only stay at pet-friendly properties, and it’s estimated that 2 million domestic animals travel each year, meaning that this is a good niche to open yourself up to. There are a lot of bed and breakfasts that currently don’t allow pets, so tapping into this market can be extremely rewarding and lucrative. When doing this, make sure to treat the pet as a guest a well, by at least providing food, dogs cages, and perhaps a few friendly treats as well, as the owner will really appreciate the effort and will be more inclined to come back. 

Add a Luxurious Touch

For most bed and breakfasts, it’s fair for travelers to expect some shower essentials like body wash and shampoo. To make your place more appealing, it’s essential to go a little bit beyond and nail the small things. Little touches like chocolates on pillows, offering herbal tea, and using high-end, fashionable brands for your toiletries will go a long way to make the rooms feel much more upmarket and special. Some bed and breakfasts are even offering breakfast in bed or home-baked treats to really make their guests feel like royalty.

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