The Battle between PPC and SEO: What Gets You the Biggest Bang for Your Buck


Are you planning to start digital marketing for your online business? Do you want to be successful but aren’t sure of how to deal with the high competition?

If you want the best results for yourselves, you need to pay absolute attention to the marketing method that you are going to implement to launch your content. The various marketing models being SEO and PPC.

Finance plays an important role and if you invest in Digital marketing services and would want an amazing result in terms of conversion. There is no doubt that both the methods will take time and also charge you some money, but the real point is which marketing method will provide you with higher traffic on your website.

As per recent studies, more than 45% of users do not know the difference between organic search results and PPC ads.

Both methods seem to have the same function, that is, bringing traffic to your website. However, there is a vast difference between SEO and PPC in terms of time, investment and the money you put in.

Down below, you will learn everything about SEO and PPC, which will help you to select any one of them.

From a recent study, it was observed that paid search ads increase brand awareness by 80%.


Now, when we talk about PPC (or pay-per-click), what do we actually mean? In layman’s terms, PPC helps to boost the keywords that you find relevant to your business. It’s important that you seek out an amazon ppc agency london that will help you determine EXACTLY what works for you and your brand. It is a paid promotion strategy that allows marketers to pay to get clicks. However, what’s most important is that the businesses placing the ads are charged only for clicks and not for impressions.

Now, let us look at some of the pros and cons of PPC.


  • It is a faster lead-generation strategy
  • It creates traffic almost immediately
  • You can have control over your budget and ROI easily by PPC
  • It is more visible to the vast online audience

Research suggests that 50% people who arrive through PPC are more likely to buy, which enhances business


  • It is directly proportional to budget; the results seem to stop when the budget stops
  • PPC ads become extremely expensive if the required keyword is extremely expensive
  • After you have a clear picture of the relationship between PPC and your business, let us dwell deep into the other method that is SEO

According to Brightlocal, a marketing company based in London, 84 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a marketing strategy to attract more traffic to your website. It is a neat blueprint to getting more business and making profits.

The method is natural, cheap and marks a good form to the business. The pillars of successful SEO lie in the keywords and citations, which should otherwise be part of the content of a website.

Some businesses hire a SEO professional to keep up with the latest trends of the SEO space. This is undoubtedly challenging and is continuously modified, but one needs to be on their feet and ensure to stay on top of the game.


  • It provides quality to your website. Good quality attracts and retains customers, like nothing else.
  • It is beneficial to businesses and the traffic continues even after you stop spending.
  • People find web searches from SEO organic listings more beneficial and less fishy.


  • Immediate ROI is not available. So, you cannot see visible results right off the bat.
  • It takes time for results to make an impact, let alone be visible. Patience shall be rewarded.
  • There needs to be regular checking and monitoring to keep revamping content.
  • As you are aware that the search engine algorithms are continuously changing, you need to act accordingly.

According to research conducted, 93 per cent of all online experiences begin with a search engine.

Drawing a conclusion: When to opt for PPC or SEO?

From the viewpoint of consumers, they look for the purpose of the website, both the quality as well as the quantity, the reputation of the creator and the content and the interaction with the user. It is important for a business to keep this in mind while creating content and updating them continuously.

Both SEO and PPC are great ways of keeping a business in lucrative shape. Both have their own benefits and flaws. However, you need to evaluate which is better-suited to you and works great for the business. You also need to apply and adapt to the suitability of the target that they are going after.

Are you comfortable with hiring an individual to monitor SEO for you or are you ready to directly carve out money for those ads?

Once you are comfortable with those decisions, you can decide which one will bring you the better buck!

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