What are the key benefits of DGFT Digital Signature Certificate in import-export industries?


Import and export industries involve vast global exposure. In such a scenario when businesses are mostly conducted through online portals, a DGFT DSC can prove to be the best barrier against online data protection and information security.

Import and export organizations use DGFT Digital Signature Certificate to keep their online transactions properly encrypted and authenticate electronically uploaded documents on any dedicated web portal. DGFT uses the class 3 certificate that provides the strongest security among the three types of digital signature certificates.

DGFT Digital Signature Certificate

What is DGFT?

DGFT stands for Directorate General of Foreign Trade. Being a part of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, DGFT plays an important role in establishing trading connections with other nations around the globe.

Thus, DGFT is an essential body to improve economic enhancement in the country and bring stability with continuous foreign investment.

Can a DGFT Digital Signature Certificate help in Foreign Trade?

The answer is definitely, Yes! A class 3 digital signature certificate is a mandatory document when an organization applies for an import-export license.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is a part of the Government of India where the Directorate General of Foreign Trade is a special cell that deals with the laws regarding foreign trade and industry in India.

This Certificate is registered under the name of authorized personnel from the organization who will be the primary representative of that organization during all foreign communication.

According to the Information Technology Act, a class 3 digital signature certificate works like a legally signed physical document and all the online transactions done using a DSC are considered legal, valid and equivalent to a physically signed paper.

Moreover, a DGFT DSC is a class 3 certificate that comes in the signing only format which further establishes the genuineness of all your trading documents online.

Key benefits of DGFT Digital Signature Certificate:

  • Quick and Easy:

Import and export industries deal with numerous overseas projects. Traveling to different geographical locations for meetings and conferences is tiring and time-consuming.

Moreover, once a deal is cracked there are various documents that need to be sent and received from the client. Sending a courier takes days or even weeks.

A valid DGFT Digital Signature Certificate is a signing only document that helps an organization to prove their authenticity to the receiver and also protect the data shared among various web servers.

  • Cost-Effective:

Digital communications are much more cost-effective as compared to physical mails. Uploading or sending electronic documents takes less time, saves energy and lots of money as compared to physical mails.

  • Paperless Officeworks:

Digital signature Certificate helps to build a paperless office where all your documentation is done on the electronic medium. Digital documents give many advantages like security, privacy and timeless storage.

  • Security:

A digital signature certificate for DGFT offers the desired authentication of the identity of an individual and organization while you go for digital communication.

Moreover, being a class 3 DSC, it gives enhanced security to the documents and information being uploaded or shared on the electronic portal.

  • Improved confidentiality:

Class 3 digital signature certificate for DGFT authenticates the import-export license you require to trade and at the same time helps your online transactions by protecting the confidentiality of the information you share on the web media.

Thus, build a healthy and trustworthy relationship among your clients, consumers and investors.

Uses of DGFT Digital Signature Certificate Online:

  • While applying for the import-export license online on the DGFT website, a valid class 3 digital signature certificate provides the convenience by authenticating your identity officially and gives you the privilege to officially upload and sign required documents electronically just like a signed physical document.
  • Online application of trade license with a valid e-digital signature certificate not only makes your online transactions convenient, secured and quick but it also gives a flat 50% reduction in import-export license fee which is a great rebate to consider.
  • A digital signature certificate issued and validated under the Indian Information Technology Act is considered to be a legal document.
  • Thus, while applying for the trade license online, you can drastically reduce the processing time and effort as the documents are automatically authenticated unlike the traditional method, where you have to travel through departments to get your documents identified and certified, resulting in unwanted delay.

E-digital signature certificate plays a major role in improving the quality of electronic communications which further enhances business transactions effectively.

A special attribute added to foreign trading, the DGFT DSC serves numerous benefits to make your organizational trading technically advanced, fast and more functional.

Furthermore, DSC comes with a maximum of three years of validity and has a number of many other utilities that it can be used for.

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